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Doina Grecu - Access Micro-scholarship Program Coordinator in Moldova,

“Being fond of everything new, I decided to get involved in Access Program where I have the chance to work with active, creative and enthusiastic people in various interesting projects. Every single day I learn new things, things that probably I would not know of if spending my time in another place. This is the program that will never make you feel bored since there are always ideas to implement, people to meet and to communicate with, knowledge to share and things to learn. I am thrilled to be a part of this project.”


Corina Ceban, Balti

Corina CEBAN, teacher of English, 1st didactic degree, “V.Alecsandri” Lyceum, Bălţi. Teaching experience – 12 years

"Discovery is a key to empowerment, that’s why I want to empower not only my students but also myself.
Growing, discovering, exploring and reflecting became my guiding stars into the unknown. I am completely sure that he who dares to teach must never cease to learn. I always invest my students in their learning, target multiple learning style and interact positively and respectfully with students."


"I have been teaching English at the high school level for 39 years after graduating from Chisinau State University in 1972. In 1997-1999, I participated with my students in the mutual Junior Program – Moldova-Pennsylvania. In 2003-2006

I taught “Methods and Techniques of Teaching English as a Foreign Language” at Comrat State University. I have been cooperating as a Resource Teacher with the Peace Corps in Moldova since 1993. Now I am the counterpart of the sixth volunteer in Ceadir-Lunga. I was awarded the title of “Distinguished Teacher of Gagauzia” in 2007."



Silvia Bahanov
Diana RETCU, Ungheni.

Diana RETCU, Ungheni

„Am absolvit Universitatea de Stat din Bălţi A. „Russo”, fiind licenţiată în predarea limbii franceze şi engleze. Predau timp de 16 ani. Pe parcursul acestei perioade am ajuns la concluzia că predarea necesită nu atât de multă răbdare cât cunoaşterea oamenilor dacă aceştia au dorinţă să studieze sau să-şi perfecţioneze cunoştinţele de limbă engleză. Ultimul lucru pe care aş vrea să-l menţionez este , în cadrul căruia am învăţat metode noi de predare.”

Angela OSIPOV, Rezina


„Numele meu este Angela Osipov. Sunt profesoară de limbă franceză şi engleză şi îmi iubesc profesia foarte mult. Eu cred că predarea este o oportunitate de a mă exprima şi de a modela sufletele plăpânde ale elevilor noştri. Programul ACCESS îmi oferă posibilitatea de a descoperi noi metode şi tehnici de predare a limbii engleze. Acest lucru este foarte important! Am plăcerea să lucrez în cadrul acestui program şi mi-aş dori ca el să continue. Elevilor de asemenea le place.”


Angela Osipov, Rezina
Ana Scerbatii, Ungheni
Ana SCERBATII, Ungheni.
"I’m a FLEX alumna, whose one of the kind experience influenced my entire life. It’s worth mentioning that ACCESS Program is an amazing tool that destines students for great things. Being an assistant is a task, which I imperceptibly set upon myself. Improving themselves as well as the community is what I help students to do. I can state firmly that I enjoy working here."
Nicoleta NICHIFOR - Access Program Teacher Assistant, FLEX Alumni 2012
"The year spent in the United States of America was an amazing and unique experience. I have learned so many new things and on coming back to Moldova, I was eager to share at least a small part of the American Culture with the others, and also apply the skills I have developed and improved.That is why, I got very excited when I found out about the opportunity to become part of the Access Program. Now that I am part of the team, I can confirm that this is a wonderful possibility to work with other students and encourage them not only to improve their English language skills, but also make a step forward and understand that everybody can be successful if knowing what openminded, tolerance, flexibility and confidence truly mean."

Nicoleta Nichifor
Aliona Bragaru

Aliona BRAGARU, English teacher,2nd didactic degree, “M.Eminescu ”Th.L.Cahul Teaching experience- 7 years

"In my pedagogical career I always intend to be involved in outside activities, beyond the classroom in order to be more well-rounded as an English teacher and more informed as a community member. During my teaching experience I realized that children are the most precious treasure a community can possess. This is the basic reason I am a teacher. Due to ACCESS program, I will be able to help disadvantaged children to succeed in their future, at the same time it will be a great opportunity to improve the quality-based teaching , be involved and meet new wonderful teachers from different corners of Moldova"

Nadejda TUCICOVA, Access Program Teacher, Varnita/Bender

"Teaching English is a great pleasure for me because I can help students draw and discover their hidden source of positive energy on which they will lay the foundation of their education.I feel very happy when I see the result of my work , when a student is able to speak English. I try to use a lot of up-to-date methods to make the process of learning easy, understandable and entertaining.
To my mind the ACCESS Micro-scholarship Program is a good opportunity for students to be successful in future !" "

Nadejda Tucicova

Natalia NACIOGLO, Comrat

"I graduated from Comrat State University and have been teaching for 13 years. Teaching is challenging and attractive. Creating positive and cognitive atmosphere in class and effective interaction in the target language is what makes me feel happy when working with students, on the one hand, and what encourages me to develop myself, on the other hand. The ACCESS Micro-scholarship Program offers an exciting possibility for teenagers to learn English, and teachers to explore up-to-date methods and techniques for teaching the target language. I believe this program will develop students’ communicative, sociable and leadership skills and help them achieve good results."

Natalia Nacioglo

Valentina CORNESCU

Valentina CORNESCU, Access Program Teacher Assistant, Varnita/Bender

"My passion to English began from my childhood.I liked British music and American movies. That's why speaking and teaching English is a great pleasure.

For me,working for ACCES is a great posibility to improve  my skills and to develop my abilities of leadership. It’s a very big pleasure  to help my students  in learning English.For them,I’m  trying to be not only an instructor but a friend, too."

Mihail Filipenco, Access assistant, Flex Alumnus, Cahul

"My name is Filipenco Mihail and I'm a senior at Petr Rumeantsev Lyceum. I love Access Program for it's awesome opportunity to try myself as a teacher and to get to know new people. It's always a good experience to communicate to students of different ages. My circle of communicating got much more wider and I met people from different cities in Moldova.Especially, I like this opportunity very much, because I just came back from USA and I'm keeping up my communicating English skills. Love it! "



Mihail Filipenco