Post Program Benefits and Results

The Open World Leadership Center is now tracking the results of the Open World Program using eight categories, or “bins.” Below are definitions and examples of these categories, along with the language that is explaining which results categories must be reported on and by which categories. The forthcoming Guidelines will reiterate the information that participants are required or encouraged to supply.

1. Benefits to Americans – The Open World Program strives to promote mutual understanding and benefit. Hosts, local leaders, professionals, and others in the

American host communities often receive new ideas and information from Open World delegates. Local hosts often benefit from the community outreach and publicity resulting from delegation visits.

EXAMPLES: Estimated number of people in the audience for presentations made by Open World delegates, number of presentations. “Reverse success stories” of how Americans adopted ideas from Open World delegates.

2. Partnerships – An American organization partners with a Moldovan organization on a joint project or starts an affiliate in Moldova.

EXAMPLES: university-to-university partnerships on distance learning, sister- court relationships, community-to-community interactions between local governmental entities.

3. Projects – A Moldovan delegate returns home and implements an idea inspired by the Open World experience.

EXAMPLES: Opening an after-school activity center; using retired citizens as volunteers in a school; writing and distributing pamphlets on HIV prevention; opening city council meetings to the public.

4. Multipliers – A delegate returns to Moldova and shares his/her new knowledge with others, thereby “multiplying” the Open World experience.

EXAMPLES: Number of presentations and number of people in the audience; delegate websites launched or expanded with information gleaned during the Open World visit.

5. Reciprocal Visits – Americans associated with the Open World hosting experience visit Moldova and meet with Open World alumni or work on an Open World–inspired project.

6. Press – A delegation’s U.S. visit is covered in the local broadcast and/or print media.

( Copies of any press articles [in clear copies with full text and complete information on source, author, date, and page location] will be submitted)

7. Contributions – in-kind (in hours or material goods) or cash donations.

EXAMPLES: Football game tickets, volunteer hours to plan and execute hosting of delegates, private-sector donations to support Open World events.

8. Professional Advancement – Alumni are promoted or experience other career enhancements after their Open World visit.

EXAMPLES: Grants, awards, promotions, and scholarships received by alumni; number of alumni who run for office; number of alumni who are elected to office.