Moldova Open World Alumna helps new Fulbright in his research

September, 15 2009


On Tuesday, September 15, 2009 the US Fulbright student Brian Adams had a meeting at the Institute of Physiopneumology. He met with a ring of specialists who very involved in academic pulmonary research and are also connected to the Municipal City TB Hospital in Chisinau. He was thrilled to be able to meet with both the present head of the department as well as the former head, Dr. Constantin Iavorschi and Dr. Aurelia Ustian. But most he was impressed with Dr. Valentina Vilc, Open World Program Alumna who is a physiopneumologist in the department. She was a key to the meeting's success, as she spoke English extremely well and translated the conversations back and forth. Dr. Vilc, as stated by Mr. Adams will probably be one of his main contacts in the department. Two days later, Open World Program Alumna Valentina Vilc decided to provide all the necessary help and permission to Brian Adams in his activities at the Municipal City TB Hospital together with his two advisors Drs. Cetulean and Cebotarenco.

Mr. Adams shared his main impressions: “all four doctors were very excited to have me here in Moldova, were quite open to my presence, and seemed pleased to offer their services. While I have yet to see them in clinical/academic action, their behavior was very professional (as expected) and left me very excited that Dr. Topor introduced us. I think I will be able to learn a lot from this group of specialists, and that has me very excited!”

Currently he is in between the first two phases of his research project. Earlier he finished his clinical studies of the epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis (TB) at the Central Municipal TB Hospital in Chisinau. This first phase comprised the first 6 weeks of his time in Moldova. Now he is moving into the policy phase of his research, working most closely with the Coalition for the Safe and Rational Use of Medicines (CoRSUM.) There are a couple of policy issues that he will be working on with Dr. Cebotarenco of CoRSUM throughout the remainder of his time in Moldova (international clinical networking on behalf of migrants, and student volunteering/networking.) As another major component of the policy phase, he has chosen to map the network of organizations available to clinicians and patients to aid in the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of TB. Currently he is organizing meetings with major governmental and non-governmental organizations to begin the process. This will also synergize with the efforts through CoRSUM to increase student community involvement, as it will undoubtedly identify organizations that might appreciate additional, skilled, human resources.

These days Brian Adams is expanding his medical school experience at Tulane University with a year of research; studying policy development and clinical medicine as related to the global struggle against tuberculosis. The study is being funded through a Fulbright Research Grant. With great joy Mr. Brian promises to attain a proper social perspective here in Moldova, which as he mentions in his blog strengthens both his medical research and fulfills the vision of the late James William Fulbright.

The initiative aims to promote programs that prepare Americans for a global environment and attract future leaders from abroad to study, learn, and exchange experiences in the United States.

Brian Adams have stayed in Moldova for two months and tried to promote the U.S. university education system and the life of the U.S. students.

The studies abroad enable the young people to contribute to the development of their own countries when back. This is a good experience. A professional will always tend to know the experience of other counties. This is the belief of the U.S. student who came to Moldova as part of the International Education Week.

“The studies aboard positively influence the development of a young person who wants to become a professional. It is a good thing to learn from the experience of other states,” said Brian Adams.


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