MP Gheorghe Mocanu shares his impressions from the Open World visit in North Carolina

June, 2 2014

Which were the most interesting moments of your Open World visit in US?

The most interesting moments of my Open World visit have been getting acquainted with the American way of living, meeting the Moldovan families who live in North Carolina, attending the meeting of the External Affairs Committee, US Congress, discussing with the National Guard of NC representatives. I would also like to mention discussing with the members of the US Congress, visiting the central office of Senator Kay Hagan and a public school in North Carolina. The most important things I learned while on the program were the way the US Congress works, the level of informing and reporting to countries in my region (Ukraine, Moldova), the interaction between three branches: executive, legislative and judicial at the federal, state and local levels, the lobbing process (regulating, functioning, supervising, transparency), the attributions of the Secretary of State Office, the organization of the US Army, especially of the NC National Guard, managing operations in case of emergency, the principles of functioning of a public school, the functioning of the judicial system in the state (NC) at the level of Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Justice.


What ideas could you implement at your workplace in the Republic of Moldova?

1. increasing the transparency level of the legislative (for example - including a mandatory online publication of Parliament decisions on its official website, organizing "Carolina Coffee" events (following Kay Hagan's example), opening a regional parliamentary office;
2. opening centers for professional orientation in universities;
3. learning more about the lobbying process;
4. adjusting the recruiting system of the National Guard to Republic of Moldova needs;
5. introducing a series of amendments to several Moldovan laws.

What recommendations would you have for the OW program administration in the US and Moldova?
1. keep the current format, combining the visit in Washington, DC with the visit of another state
2. keep hosting delegates in American families
3. include visits to commercial enterprises in order to gain basic knowledge about the way the US market economy works
4. include visits to the local public authorities (mayor, town hall, city council)


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