Life changing Experience Global Village ‘13

December, 23 2013

Life is full of amazing things that are going around us, everything that we must do is to stop and become a part of it. I was one the 106 luckiest people in the world this year. It happened when I saw an email where it was written about the GV program.  Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and

Industry is leadership, management, and cross-cultural, long time training program. It was created for experienced young professionals from all over the world and advanced students who have a great dream of building a leadership career in business and industry, and who want to form an active and lasting global network.

I remember the day I arrived I was so enthusiastic about the upcoming events. It was the same filling that I had 5 years ago when I came as a flex participant  to U.S.,  I learned so many things during one year, more than I could even imagine. I learned to be   flexible, open minded, diplomatic, I began to understand people better, I fall in love with U.S.A. So, i was coming home to the place I belong after 5 years. It was one of the best days of my life.

When I came to Lehigh University I was welcomed by great staff. The next day we had an opening ceremony where I met all the people that were part of the program. I was amazed, there were 106 people from 56 counties and all of them were wearing  their national costumes. It was a  parade of nationalities, traditions, languages. We were so different but at the same time we were the same, the children of the world. On Monday we started our journey to a leadership future. The schedule was very intense. We had events, sessions starting  from 8 in the morning till late in the evening but it was full of interesting classes like Minding Your Business - The Art Of Assertion, Winning Strategies, Risk Management, Get & Keep a Professional Position, Executive Sessions, etc.

One of the key point things was working at a consulting project. I was a part of Fabio Capello Index team; we worked very hard to meet our client’s requirements. We had several meetings with him, face to face, we could discus his point of view upon the work we had done, and create a clear framework for he pj. I would like to introduce you to the project.  The Fabio Capello Ltd is an Italy company founded in 2010 by a world-renowned football coach, a gaming company founder, and top executive with Global Football at IMG. Alongside a team of professionals and scouting service specialists, they developed an index based on unique formulas to measure an individual player’s contribution from both a quantitative and a qualitative perspective. This project provided a comparison of similar websites, and as a team we developed a marketing plan specific to online markets with a focus on social media and mobile applications. This project involved brand marketing, data management, and internet research.

Another important part of our schedule was dedicated to seminars, panels, special sessions and country presentations: Cultural Simulation, Ethics; Intern-Led Sessions; Leadership panel, etc.

One of the most valuable experiences was the Servant Leadership Project. We were providing children with special needs and other developmental disabilities an opportunity to play baseball.

I will never forget our visits to Philadelphia, Washington D.C. or New York. We visited major companies like:  Thomson Reuters Corporation, Ronald Reagan Building, International Trade Center, Embassy & Permanent Mission Of Antigua and Barbuda.

GV is rally unique. The discussions, debates, the exchange of experiences was a remarkable thig, that taught me how to come out of my comfort zone and overcome my fears, how to go over my expectations,  how to create a clear plan in achieving my dreams,  how to create strong bonds between  people from different countries. Now I know all of that and even more, I have a family that is consisted of more then 150 people that are all over the world.

I truly thank Lehigh University and Iacocca Institute for providing this enormous opportunity to shape myself as a future professional. It is unforgettable, non-measurable, precious and life impacting program.


If you can Dream it, You can Do it.

Olga Cobilas FLEX'09

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