Catalina Cucu’s Good Deed

December, 20 2013

Catalina Cucu, FLEX alumna 2013, shared about her volunteering experiences in an article written for the online website diez.md.

“If I will not do it, no one will.” My name is Cucu Catalina, I am 18 years old and I am a student at the Theoretical Lyceum ”Principesa Natalia Dadiani” from Chisinau. This summer I completed successfully the exchange program FLEX, and when I came back to my country I became one of the ambassadors of the program. I started being an active volunteer in US. I was very impressed about how normal is for an American citizen to volunteer, and I decided to bring this concept to the Republic of Moldova. So I started to so since the month of August of this year. First, I got the opportunity to volunteer for the EFL summer camp. EFL is a camp where the children selected to go to study in US come in Chisinau and work on their English for an entire month. I was a mentor for a girl from Kyrgyzstan, Zhibek, we became very good friends and we still are keeping in touch. This first volunteering lesson taught me that someone can make lifetime friends only through helping. In October, I was chosen as City Representative for FLEX program, which probably, it was the best stimulus for me. Actually, to be honest, I thought I will not continue to be a volunteer this academic year (you know, being busy with Baccalaureate, applying for universities, etc.), but after the first meeting with the other alumni of the program who already are FLEX City Representatives I changed my opinion. All the rush of ideas I’ve had in that day made me understand that I also can make a change.

In the beginning of the month of November I decided to open in my lyceum the Volunteers’ Club. The biggest fear I had while opening the club was the fact that I will not have enough volunteers for all the activities that I’ve planned. Fortunately, I was wrong. For our first activity, we went to visit the Animal Shelter from Bacioi, „Alga”, where participated 9 volunteers from the new formed club. We bought some food for the dogs and then we all went to visit them. Our visit wasn’t just for the sake of the visit, while being there we played with the dogs, painted the new doghouses, prepared the food and the boys cut wood. Here I learned my second lesson: that you never are alone. The next planned activity was cleaning the city Circus. There is not much to say about this particular activity, just that after the cleaning we went to attend a dog exhibition, where we helped with the volunteers. On November 28, I organized the favorite activity of my volunteers, we visited the “Casa Aschiuta” orphanage, where together with my English teacher, Mascautan Ana, was organized the Thanksgiving Day. Together with my lyceum colleagues, we prepared a table filled with sweets for the children and we also played with them. At the same time, we helped them write letters to Santa. And we don’t plan to stop. We still have a lot of ideas to continue helping.

In December I opened a fitness club within the lyceum named “Give & Take”, where the fee for each workout is 10 lei (approximately 70 cents), and the collected money are donated later.

For me, volunteering is a life style, it is something that I will always do. I can’t imagine not having at least once a week a volunteering activity. Because by giving, you receive so much more in return. One learns to appreciate what he has and to become a better and understanding person. I want to thank everyone who is close to me and helps, and I encourage all the citizens of the world to volunteer!


PS: This article was written within a competition launched by the online news website, diez.md, where the participants had to share one good deed they did in the 2013 year, or to write in a creative way their resolutions for the year 2014.


Source: Diez.md

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