FLEX Alumna of the month

November, 21 2013

Olga Guștiuc

FLEX '13 Alumna

FLEX City Representative in Chisinau

  • Olga has volunteered for the summer program EFL, a program that prepares future exchange students for a year in the US. She mentored a student from Ukraine, and helped him prepare for a presentation of his country.
  • Olga has organized a book drive in my school called „Dăruiește o poveste" (Donate a Fairytale). The goal was to collect books for small children. The books were gathered in order to be donate to orphanages or a public school with a small library.
  • As a FLEX City representative, Olga has organized activities such as: decorating American-themed parties, informational meetings with specialists and other activities that promoted the American and Moldovan cultures.

She has been elected as the President of the ‚Mihai Eminescu' school Senate. As president, Olga coordinates activities and colaborates with my school to organize activities, and implement new ideas in the extracurricular activities


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