FLEX Alumna's event - Nata Andreev '07

November, 18 2013

On November 3rd, 30 something tree hugging girls dressed in sweaters roamed the streets of Chisinau pedaling their way through traffic accompanied by the sound of bicycle bells.

Nata Andreev (FLEX ‘07) and two of her roommates came up with idea of organizing events for girls of all ages who participate in and promote eco-friendly events. The group gathered at the Arc of Triumph in the heart of the city where they admired each other's bikes decorated with colorful yarn, flowers, knitted socks, and scarves before hitting the road. The girls guided by experienced bikers made a loop around the city center encouraged by the honks of friendly, supportive drivers. It was an ingenious way for the ladies to show their fellow-citizens that one can bike even when wearing a dress or a skirt. It was an act of encouragement for people to opt for a more ecological way of locomotion.

At the end of the route, the girls got together for tea and cookies at the local event venue called ‘Tipografia 5' who supported the initiative by offering free space for the ladies to mingle, get professional tips on fixing and caring for their bikes, and watch some instructive footage on the topic.

‘We hope more people will join the initiative by introducing events and activities which actively promote a healthier lifestyle. We try to practice what we preach', said the proud FLEX alumna Nata Andreev.

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