FLEX student and PAX Coordinator meet in Chisinau

November, 4 2013

Would I ever imagine while being on my exchange that one day I would walk with my PAX community coordinator on Chisinau streets? I have never even thought about that but PAX and FLEX programs made it true!

I was an exchange student 2011/2012 in St. George, Utah. My coordinator, Laurel Paul welcomed me with all the encouragement and help that I would even need during my time in U.S. A year later together with the other former exchange students I saw her again and this time it was in my home country!

I think it was an amazing experience for all alumni to have lunch with PAX Representatives and Coordinators who have visited Moldova. It was a great time of meeting new people, seeing the ones we knew again, sharing memories and culture! Personally, I truly enjoyed remembering that Laurel was always picking us from our homes in her car to get us to know South Utah, its life and its community. Together we have made so much, we were volunteering, wrapping presents, we have visited different political meetings, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, she took us to kite festival and was ready to do whatever our hears desired. Right before I went home, saying that she would never let me go unless I see Zion National Park, Laurel took me on such a memorable hike!

A year later, I was the one to pick her up and to offer her a ride in public transport in Chisinau. We saw some of the best places of my capital, we enjoyed our walk through the evening city, our time together and our hot chocolate.

I am so grateful that PAX and FLEX programs not only give us the people to love and to miss in the U.S. but they even bring these people to our home!


Natalia Cojuhari


Chisinau Picture: Iuliu Bicec ‘10, Natalia Cojuhari ‘12, Laurel Paul, Valentina Biciuc ‘13



Grand Canyon Picture, from left to right: Natalia Cojuhari ‘12, third from the left, Laurel Paul – first from the right.


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