FLEX Alumni Monthly Report August Moldova

September, 10 2013

PART A - Alumni Activities



· List activities in chronological order

· Capitalize each word in the title of the event.

· Use BOLD font for the event title, followed by a colon (:)

· Follow the Alumni Report Style Guide.

· Use third person and active voice.

· Provide a general description of the event as well as important details.

· Quantify when possible (how many people attended, how much money was raised)

· Emphasize the alumni role in the event.

Track Event:


On the 8th of August, Ruxanda Barba ’08 organized a track event for FLEX alumni and friends around the ‘Comsomolist’ lake in Chisinau. 3 FLEX alumni and 2 non-FLEX participants were present. 3 of the participants ran 2.5k (=1 lap) and 2 of the participants ran 5k (=2laps). The event had the goal of promoting a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness. The alumni were encouraged to wear their FLEX T-shirts for team spirit and promote the program.


Theater Play Script Writing:


On the 12th of August, Ruxanda Barba ’08 and Irina Rusu ’11 got together for a session of script writing for a children’s theater play (in Romanian) called ‘The Vegetable Garden’. The play is planned to be showcased at orphanages around Moldova by a group of FLEX volunteers on a monthly basis. Irina Rusu ’11, one of the FLEX alumni with disabilities, is a young talented blogger who contributed to writing the script.


Theater Play Costume Sewing:


On the 21st of August, Ruxanda Barba ’08 organized a meeting with other 4 FLEX alumni and 1 non-alumna (Gabriela Cernalev ’11, Maria Mocanu ’13, Olga Gustiuc ’13, Victoria Lungu ’13, and Daniela Lungu) volunteers to sew costumes for ‘The Vegetable Garden’ theater play. It was important to engage alumni in the process of sewing the costumes to emotionally involve them in the cause, which is: having a small celebration for children who do not have the means or privilege to see a theater play or have a celebration. The theater play is a sustainable project meant to be performed monthly, since all the props are ready to be used multiple times.


Bike Point Opening in Chisinau:


On the 21st of August, Valeria Svart ’07, together with her team from the activEco organization and ’09 alumnus Dorin Hamuraru opened a Bike Point in downtown Chisinau which is meant to provide free technical support for city bikers and parking space. This is an eco-friendly, sustainable project which is meant to benefit the biker community from the capital of Moldova.


Peter Pan Movie Screening:


On the 26th of August, Ruxanda Barba ’08 organized a movie screening for 4 FLEX alumni and (1) friends to watch an old Disney Classic – Peter Pan. The aim was for the participants to get acquainted with the American culture beyond their FLEX exchange experience in the States. Since all FLEX are in their teens when they leave for the program they don’t get to experience much of what the childhood of an American looks like, this is why they were presented with a classic story to enrich this experience.


Kite Sale at Cimislia:


On August 30th, Maria Mocanu ’13, organized together with Peace Corps volunteers a local Kite Sale Fundraiser. The money raised will go to organizing a Back to School celebration at the Educational Center for children diagnosed with cancer. Maria’s activity is viewed as one of leadership which sets a benchmark for her fellow alumni- friends and not only to make a difference in their communities.




PART B – Upcoming Events

  • September 9th, FLEX Recruitment poster- making session – Ruxanda Barba ‘08
  • September 14th, FLEX Theater Play at the local orphanage – Ruxanda Barba ‘08
  • September 21st, International Day of Peace Celebration – Ruxanda Barba ‘08
  • Septermber 27th, FLEX Appreciation Day Card Making for American family and friends – Ruxanda ‘08

PART C - Alumni Successes



· FORMAT: First name last name ‘year (city if not hub)

· Alphabetize by last name

· Do not use acronyms.

· Provide brief descriptions of companies and organizations.

Gabriela Cernalev ’11 (Chisinau) was accepted to Martin Luther University Halle- Wittenberg to major in Business Economics

Cristian Plugaru ’12 (Chisinau) was accepted to LCC International University on a merit-based scholarship awarded to citizens of Moldova

Cristian Plugaru ’12 (Chisinau) was accepted at Rhein-Waal University where he will be studying Industrial Engineering with a specialization  in Communication and Information

Valeria Svart ’07 (Chisinau) along with her organization ‘activEco’ opened the Bike Point in downtown Chisinau

PART D - Statistics

Number of Events -


Number of Alumni Involved -


Names of Cities Involved

Chisinau, Cimislia

Fundraising / Sponsorship (Who?  What kind?)

Cimislia fundraiser to finance celebration for children diagnosed with cancer

Partner Organizations Involved

Peace Corps, activEco

City Reps Who Led Events


U.S. Government Alumni Involvement

(From which Programs?)


Use of American Corner/Center/Window

American Councils in Moldova

Media Presence


Don’t forget to include photos of events in an e-mail as attachments.  Also remember to use .doc and not .docx.

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