American Councils Moldova launches the EFL Teaching Certificate Project

May, 16 2013

Why take the course?

  • Provides you a real opportunity to join the team of professional English language instructors working for American Language Center under American Councils Moldova, an organization with over 20 years of experience in international education.
  • All the participants who will meet course requirements will receive the Certificate of Participation.
  • The content of the course corresponds to RM Ministry of Education and Common European Framework of Languages requirements.
  • The participants will be offered the opportunity to publish an article in the Modern Trends Journal (National Book Chamber ISSN 1857-3193)
  • Participants who successfully complete the course will have the opportunity to be invited to a job interview and join ALC team.
  • May 25th - June 30th, 2013 www.americancouncils.md
  • American Councils Moldova Teaching Certificate Kogălniceanu 76, MD-2009 Chişinău Tel.: (373 22) 22-58-60 Fax: (373 22) 21-12-53 E-mail: daniela@americancouncils.md

Date: May 25th - June 30th, 2013

The course aims are to provide advanced, highly practical teacher training in the areas of methodology, techniques, and language awareness to trainees who are competent users of the English language. The course is essentially practical in nature, with just enough theory to provide sound English language teaching principles.

Who is the training for?


English language instructors with different professional backgrounds ( schools, lyceums, colleges, universities, language schools )
Young and professional teachers of English
Aspiring EFL/ESL instructors and trainers
The course:

Instructs you on the principles of effective teaching
Provides a wide range of practical skills for teaching English to young learners and adults, including: teaching skills, ESP, student motivation & classroom management
Gives you hands-on teaching practice
Builds your confidence as a teacher or trainer

Topics covered:

  • Who are the learners: learners' purposes; learners' goals; expectations
  • Learners as individuals: learning style; multiple intelligences; learning strategies; learner autonomy
  • Motivating learners: things teacher can influence; ways of influencing motivation; adapting material
  • Creating classroom atmosphere
  • Classroom management: warm-up; classroom organization; grading language; giving instructions
  • Error correction: types of errors; when to correct; correction strategies; demonstration
  • Monitoring and assessing learning: types of errors; when to correct; correction strategies; demonstration
  • Lesson planning: design and strategies; sequencing stages; planning decisions; putting it on paper; procedures; defining aims; types of aims; material and aims; alternative approach to lesson design; task-based learning
  • Teaching different levels: Common European Framework; adapting to different levels; productive skills; receptive skills
  • Choosing and using different resources: course books; adapting and supplementing, technology and aids, teaching without technology
  • Developing skills:
  • Reading: reading purposes and strategies; reading in a second language; course book reading texts and tasks; a reading lesson; presenting language through texts; context; text-based presentations; classroom application
  • Listening: comprehension; listening texts and tasks; a listening lesson
  • Speaking: different speaking activities; challenges
  • Writing: writing activities; stages in writing; marking written work
  • Integrated skills: combining skills; classroom application
  • English for special purposes: special purposes; need analysis; materials; one-to-one; assessment
  • Test Preparation: TOEFL; IELTS; SAT
  • Teaching on-line

Registration and other questions regarding course content and logistics to be addressed to Project Coordinator, ALC Director of Studies, Dorina Calinovscaia

(E-mail: dobelous@yahoo.com , tel.: 079548600)


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