The most valuable lesson learned was to understand that there are a lot of interesting people and each of them has a personal opinion

May, 14 2013

The most valuable lesson learned in FLEX program was to understand that there are a lot of interesting people and each of them has a personal opinion. I had to go beyond my comfort zone, because I had to realize that there are a lot of different but great ideas. It helped me to become more flexible, open-minded and understandable.  It was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. I learned a lot from that year but one of the most significant things was that I understood that I must be an active part of the society; I must play a substantial role in its everyday life. After returning from U.S. back to my home country I was very enthusiastic about the things that I must do, that I can do and I want to do. I began volunteering; I was a part of a lot of projects. I even held some of them by my own in the city where I was born, in Balti.

I was thrilled by the way how American people live their lives. I had a wonderful host family. I saw how my host mom would practice sports at her age and I realized that there is always time to start what you really want to do and it is never late though. So I began to take dance classes at age of 17, and in 4 years I became a professional folk dancer. At the moment I volunteer at an orphanage in Balti, where I teach kids how to dance Moldovan national dances.

Being an entire year a part of democratic society I felt the considerable difference between Moldovan and American form of government,  I decided for myself that I want to contribute to democraticdevelopment of my beloved country. So, I became a Law student at USEM. Currently I graduate my 3rd year of studies. I am a member of a public organization; it is a Moldovan Legal Aid Center I volunteer as a consultant in legal issues. This organization helps people that can’t afford a lawyer, to solve their legal problems. This is a tremendous step towards achieving equality and equity; these two elements are the base of a free society.  Another program that I was part of ,this last year was called Advocacy in Moldova held by the Leavitt Institute for international development  it was the two-semester university course named Critical Thinking and Advocacy as a Foundation of a Free Society. This program ended with the simulation of the jury trial ( like in U.S.) where as a finalist I was an advocate, I had to defend my client. In the end of the trial my client was acquit by the jury. This program shows how important is to demonstrate someone’s guilt beyond the reasonable doubt, because it give safety to people and again strengthens the democratic values.

The latest news that appeared was that I was selected as a participant in Global Village program for Future Leaders of Business and Industry, which is a five week intensive program on the Lehigh University campus. As a FLEX alumnus I received a full-tuition scholarship. I am very glad because of that. I hope to be a good ambassador of my country, meet a lot of new amazing people and learn a plenty of helpful things about business that I could apply in Moldova in the future.

In order to achieve all the things that I just listed, I had to pass a long way from an ordinary careless person to an active and responsible one. I had to change a lot of my own views. I had to realize that there is no good or bad opinion; there is just a different one. I had to face a lot of difficulties that appeared when I had to change my lifestyle, my ordinary time spending, and my values. I am very thankful to God that I had such an awesome chance to experience all of these things, and hopefully in a short time I will have another one. My life credo is - If you want to change the world, start with yourself and the world will change by its velocity around you.

Olga Cobilas FLEX ’09

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