TOT Reflection Piece. By Quinn Walker and Dragalina Birsan

April, 16 2013


In anticipation of this training, we were both curious and a little anxious to see what would come from the TOT in Kyiv. We are happy to say that The Training of Teachers conference exceeded both our expectations. The FLEX TOT training was well organized and informative, and it was inspiring to be surrounded by so many amazing people with wonderful success stories from all across Eurasia.

Some of the highlights would include; the diversity of teachers and their counterparts, the location and food, and the invaluable experience of practice teaching. The last part of the aforementioned is really at the heart of what made this TOT great.  We discovered what skills and approaches we both have to teaching and are in a better position now to provide a successful PDO for this year’s FLEX participants. The practice teaching allowed us to plan a lesson together and present that to a group of our peers who could provide support and feedback. This was very helpful and got us both excited about working together during the upcoming PDO. We were also able to observe other groups of teachers as well as they presented their own topics for peer feedback. This was inspiring and we were able to learn from others teaching styles and discovered clever ways to present the information in the handbook, which will keep flex participants energized and engaged thought-out the orientation.

On a personal note, one of the biggest takeaways for me was my enhanced knowledge about the program and its goals. I didn’t know that much about American Councils and the work they do across the world before this conference. After spending week learning about the program I can say that I am proud to be a part of the AC team. The training has motivated and energized us both and we now have all the tools we need to plan informative and effective PDO training sessions for the participants. We are both very grateful for the opportunity and want to thank AC for doing such inspirational work!


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