American Councils Moldova has celebrated its 20th Anniversary

February, 22 2013

On February 22nd, Moldovan university professors, school teachers, NGO leaders, Open World, Legislative Fellows, FLEX, Access and Carnegie alumni, US Embassy, World Bank, IREX, USAID officials, as well as governmental representatives were invited you to join American Councils Moldova team to celebrate its 20th Anniversary Event. Over 160 registered participants attended the event, which started at 12.00 pm, when Country Director David Jesse opened the anniversary event with a welcome speech, followed by a short presentation of our projects and activities in 2012 and the recognition of our best FLEX, LFP, OW, Access and Carnegie alumni. At 1.00 pm the American Language Center staff introduced the first edition of the "Modern Trends and Resources for Teachers of Modern Languages" Journal and invited Moldovan teachers and university professors, as well as researchers in the education field to submit their contributions for the second edition due May 2013. The event continued with a series of workshops and trainings moderated by American Councils Moldova staff on teaching methodology and professional development opportunities for educators, entitled Best Moldovan Brands: Facebook Business English Group Project, Overview of Online TESOL Certification Courses, Creating a Capzles Student Project , Teaching Advanced English through news, Applying for a graduate scholarship - opportunities for Moldovan educators. Two of our American Language Center (http://alc.md/) instructors taught two parallel English Demo Classes for beginners and our Russian language instructor organized a separate workshop on non traditional methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language. FLEX, Carnegie, LFP and OW Program Officers held informative sessions on the programs they administer, while a team of energetic, enthusiastic volunteers wearing American Councils - for 20 years in Moldova T-shirts helped guide visitors around and serve refreshments to all participants. The same day, our teenage Access English Micro scholarship students from 6 different cities around Moldova conducted a Flash Mob to celebrate our anniversary on a country wide scale. Another important part if the anniversary event was the launch of a 6 week project for 3rd and 4th year pedagogical and English language and literature students interested to become EFL teachers entitled "Effective Teaching and Classroom Management for To-be Teachers of English" under the guidance of FLEX alumni community, raising the total number of beneficiaries up to around 200.

To celebrate American Councils 20th anniversary Access Micro-scholarship Program participants and alumni organized the "Access Youth in Action" Flash mob in 6 regions around Moldova. On February 22nd, 3p.m. 6 groups of teenagers joined by a total of almost 400 participants, gathered simultaneously in Ungheni, Balti, Cahul, Comrat, Chisinau and Varnita/Bender to encourage Moldovan youth look for opportunities to study, such as those offered by American Councils and all its exchange programs: Open World, LFP, Carnegie, FLEX. The event was advertised through a promotional video posted on our web site and popular social networks. Each region organized the event in a special way, delivering a unique message through dance performances, posters, flags and thematic songs. In Ungheni participants formed the puzzle USA flag as a sign of gratitude for the US Embassy for the opportunity to study English within Access Micro scholarship Program. In Chisinau 45 teenagers from "Mihai Eminescu" Lyceum drew posters on the importance of education which included American Councils programs logos and created handmade paper bracelets displaying messages such as such messages as "Be Active!", "Get Involved!", "Study More". In Balti the event took place simultaneously in two places: "Vasile Alecsandri" Lyceum and the center of the city. 25 teenagers and primary school children joined by 20 Access students distributed flags and posters with the American Councils symbols and logos.
Varnita/Bender group prepared posters with different educational and motivational messages such as "We have a chance to have a good future, that's why we learn English at the American Councils" or "ACCESS makes you understand that only together people represent a very strong power".
In Cahul over 150 participants lit Sky Lanterns carrying names of one of the educational programs administered by American Councils in Moldova. In Comrat Access students distributed posters on educational opportunities offered by American Councils Moldova. The event was a real success and received attention from local mass media.

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