American Councils Moldova launches the Alumna/us of the Month Initiative

January , 24 2013


  • In 2012 Mrs Palihovici actively collaborated with other alumni, a great example being her involvement as a mentor and volunteer in the LeaderSHE and Inspir-o projects implemented by Open World alumna Olga Melniciuc http://www.leadershe.md/;
  • In the second round of the project LeaderSHE, Mrs Palihovici is actively involved as its Ambassador
  • In 2007 she was a member of the Initiative Group which resulted in the creation of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova, later on being elected as its Vice-President;
  • From April, 2009 up until December 2010, Mrs. Palihovici held the position of Chairperson of the Committee on Social Welfare, Health and Family within the Moldovan Parliament;
  • Starting with 2011, Mrs Palihovici has acted as the Head of Delegation of the Republic of Moldova to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe;
  • Currently, she is the Co-Founder of Women Democratic Network Chapter within the Parliament.
  • Mrs Palihovici grduated Moldova State University with a degree in History, and was the first one to bring investments in youth projects from Moldova;
  • She is the author of a number of studies and reports on youth policy, gender policy and child rights advocacy;
  • As the President of the Women Organisation within the Liberal Democratic Party, Mrs Palihovici launched a series of legislative initiatives on the social protection of children, people with disabilities, gender issues and youth;
  • She is the author of the legislative initiative to promote and encourage women participation in the political life in Moldova.


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