FLEX alumni raises $1000 at a charity concert

December, 20 2012

"The Charity Concert "Intinde o Mina de Ajutor" was held at Casa de Cultura, Calarasi on the 15th of December. We have risen about $ 1000 trough selling 500 tickets and donations. We bought a clothing washing machine for the Elderly House, Calarasi; toys for 60 children with special needs, and products for personal use (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.) for 50 children from vulnerable families.  At the beginning, we had just a big dream- to help people in our community. During the preparation time we have faced different obstacles, but in the end, we had a huge success- our dream came true. It was a great surprise to have people calling 30 minutes before concert and asking for tickets. We had people standing during the concert because there were no more free seats. It was a great success and the audience loved the concert.


We have proved to our community that a well-organized group of volunteers can make a difference. It was the first Charity Concert in Calarasi. The Mayor, in his speech, mentioned that he is very proud of the Calarasi youth and that we took initiative in our hands. During the concert, we have got a $200 donation from a lady who lives abroad; she heard of our concert and wanted to help children and elderly people.
We had so many energetic performances and extraordinary voices. We have opened some new talents to the community, but we had some guests from outside of Calarasi as well, Sanda Cheibas (FLEX'11) and Andrei Ciochina; and our special guest-Anatol Mirzencu.

After we concert, I got many phone calls and messages from different people: starting with friends and ending up with economic agents. They said that the concert was something unique that Calarasi have not seen before. Many of them mentioned that the 20 lei price for tickets was too low for such an amazing and wonderful concert. The audience got motivated and inspired by the Christmas spirit and joy spread though the Charity Concert.

We believe that such a Charity Concert will become an annual event in Calarasi."

I am very proud of each and every volunteer. We ad a very hard-working and committed team. We all are very happy that we brough smiles on so many faces.


Nicoleta Dvornicov, FLEX alumna

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