Sharing impressions from US

November, 20 2012

Iurie Gutu

I had a very interesting day shadowing Mr. Brent Colligan, our school principal. I observed him filling a School improvement repot, which in my opinion is a very useful thing, because in my country people try to improve things, but if member would fill out such a form them maybe each staff we would have where to start from. I also mentioned to him that all the staff members are really friendly, and he said its part of their job to make kids feel that they are needed, because it not only helps them get better grades, but also prevents kids from doing crazy things. I actually learned that a principal's work is not only sitting in a comfortable chair and giving orders, but I covers a whole spectrum of work, and also that the principle in America is much more integrated into the school's life. And I think that some things are much more thought about in the whole school system then what I've seen before, and some of the terms mentioned above actually work very good so they could be integrated in other countries school systems.

Elena Rusu


We spent a day with Evan Wynn; he is a representative of the 43rd assembly district of the state where we live - Wisconsin. Evan Wynn cares about people. He always listens to them. One of the main problems is insurance. Sometimes insurance companies refuse to pay people, if something wrong happened. So, Mr. Wynn makes new bills and policies to make companies pay to people. Mr. Wynn supports opened government and he wants people to know, what's going on and what politicians are doing. "Government works well when people are involved", he says. He is very accessible for people: you can talk with him using e-mail, social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook, you can call him. He also allows people to come to his office and spent time there. You can even check his e-mail, if you want to make sure that he doesn't try to do something weird. He wants people to have freedom to know what's going on and share their thoughts. Aleksandra says ‘Yes, our country is democratic, we have freedom of speech, and we can share our thoughts... But, to be honest, nobody guarantees you that you will be free after you say something or do something. Maybe I am too young yet to understand something, but that's what I think about opened government in Russia now.' they really liked the meeting. Evan Wynn was honest with us and gave us some new ideas about the USA and Americans' life. After our conversation he gave us Blue Books - books about State of Wisconsin. Its history, important facts and events... It's very interesting and I can get more information about the state where I live.


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