English Language Courses offered by the American Language Center

August, 16 2012

Starting with September 3rd, The American Language Center is organising Standard General English Courses for open enrolment students.


This Standard General English course is structured to provide a solid grounding and improvement in the core English language and communication skills of English. It covers the four main skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. As a general English language course, it is open to students from beginners to advanced levels and focuses on a communicative approach to learning.

Age Group: 16+
Course Hours: 9am, 11am, 14pm, 16pm, 18:30pm - Monday to Friday

Type of courses:

Extensive (September - December) - Monday/Wednesday/Friday - 1h30 or Tuesday/Thursday - 2h15
Intensive (September - October) ) - Monday/Wednesday/Friday - 2h15
Levels: Beginners to Advanced A1 - C2 (6 Levels)


Course Objectives:

To focus on improving levels of English through a General English program of 96 hours (extensive course) and 72 hours (intensive course). This General English course focuses on students improving their level of English through a series of communicative and task-based approach activities which are designed to provide a high level of instruction.


Required Entry Level:

There is no specific entry level for our Standard General English course - students will be tested and placed in classes from A1-C2, according to their language competency level at entry. Students' level of language progression may vary, depending on the initial level of prior knowledge upon entry.


For registration, please call at 22-58-60


For more information, please visit our official webpage http://alc.md/




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