FLEX Alumni Coordinator Position: Deadline - June 3rd

May, 28 2012

Dear alumna/us,

Why should you consider applying for the position of FLEX Alumni Coordinator in the American Councils office? The answer is fairly obvious!

Being a FLEX Alumni Coordinator means:

  • becoming a member of a dynamic team of specialists committed to international exchange and cross-cultural education;
  • developing and practicing your creativity and organizational skills to empower yourself and others;
  • gaining valuable professional experience in project management and leadership development;
  • meeting high-ranking and interesting people from the US Embassy, leading Russian and U.S. companies, international organizations;
  • becoming a center of communication in diverse and numerous Eurasia FLEX alumni community;
  • enjoying FLEXible hours and, thus, an opportunity to combine work and study;
  • becoming a team member of a recognized international organization - an impressive addition to your resume, isn't it?!
We are glad to announce that American Councils for International Education seeks an outstanding FLEX alumnus/a to serve as the FLEX Alumni Coordinator for Moldova. This part-time position, which starts beginning July 1, 2012, entails a minimum commitment of 12-15 hours per week. The successful candidate will be hired for a one-year term.

Candidates for this position should have successfully completed the FLEX program, possess strong verbal and written communications skills, as well as a talent and enthusiasm for organizing events. Demonstrated leadership ability will also be highly regarded. Computer skills, including email, Internet, database, word processing and spreadsheets, are also desirable. Relevant training is offered prior and during the position and an official recommendation letter is issued at the end of
the employment period.  

Interested? Please note that the deadline for submission of applications is June 3rd - thus be quick and FLEXible!
Please complete the attached application and send it to FLEX@americancouncils.mdFLEXAlumni.Moldova@gmail.com with "FLEX Alumni Coordinator 2012-2013" as subject.



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