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Teaching Assistant position summer of 2012 Pre-departure Orientations.

January , 16 2012

American Councils would like to announce the opening for the Teaching Assistant position for the summer of 2012 Pre-departure Orientations.


FLEX alumni who successfully completed the program during the years 2005-2006 and 2009-2010 are eligible to apply.


Completed applications and essays are due by email flex@americancouncils.md by January 21, 2012.

TA applicants, if they accept this position, will attend a MANDATORY four-day training conference in Kyiv in March or April 2012.


2012 FLEX Pre-Departure Orientation


Purpose of Position: To assist the Orientation Teacher in preparing FLEX participants for their exchange experience using materials provided by American Councils/DC administrative staff; to plan PDO sessions together with the local orientation team; to teach FLEX students in English about American culture and family life.

Description of Duties:

 Learn the established goals and objectives of the FLEX program and its pre-departure orientation materials;
 Attend the entire four-day Training of Teachers workshop (TOT) during March or April and become thoroughly familiar with assigned lesson plan;
 Actively participate in PDO planning and preparation meetings coordinated by your local program hub office in the time period between the TOT workshop and the beginning of your assigned PDO cycle;
 Assist orientation teachers by acting as a cross-cultural resource and role model for students;
 Conduct Alumni-led sessions of the PDO, as assigned;
 During non-classroom hours, be a supportive listener and positive role model for students;
 Maintain program integrity at all times by enforcing organizational rules and regulations;
 Perform other logistical duties as assigned by the Program Hub Director.


Reports to: Program Hub Director, Orientation Teacher



 Alumni of the FLEX program who successfully completed their program with no extensive on-program issues. Only students who participated on the program between (and including) the 2005-2006 and 2009-2010 academic years are eligible to apply;
 Comfortable with large numbers of teenagers and able to relate to their anxieties while acting as an authority figure;
 Demonstrated ability to deal with unpredictable situations;
 Demonstrated interpersonal skills and ability to function with staff of different ages and cultural backgrounds;
 Available to teach two to four PDO cycles in June or July 2012 (as determined by Program Hub Director);
 Has previously taught no more than one PDO cycle. Returning TAs are required to go through the application and interview process.

To Apply: Complete the Alumni Teaching Assistant Application Form and Essay, and return them to the American Councils office director.

Application Deadline: January 20, 2012




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