The annual national websites contest WEBTOP

April, 7 2010

The WEBTOP contest is promoting the use of internet as a modern and effective means of communication, learning, presentation and promotion, as a space for doing business, expressing opinions, etc.


This year our website was awarded with II place in Education and Science nomination. We truly appreciate everyone that took in consideration our efforts. We know that there is always space fore more, and with your support our website is going to grow, together with our programs.


The annual national websites contest WEBTOP was launched in 2001 and had 49 participants in 2 categories. The fifth edition gathered 283 participants in 15 categories.


As a result of the competition announced by the SOROS Moldova Foundation, the DNT Association, supported by the Association of Private Companies from the ICT sector was named responsible for the organization of the sixth edition of WebTop.


Source: http://webtop.md/

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