English as a Foreign Language - EFL - 2016

July, 18 2016

"English as a Foreign Language" - EFL is preparation training for the travel to the U.S. designed for the
finalists of FLEX, which includes not only an intensive English language course, but also a Pre-departure Orientation program in U.S.


EFL Camp takes place in Republic of Moldova, in its capital Chisinau.

Trainings lasts one month, from 10th of July till 12th of August. After that all participants will fly to U.S. in order to start their exchange year program.
The participants of EFL Camp are from Tadjikistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Serbia, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Moldova and Ukraine.

Beside English courses and Pre-departure Orientation program, students are involved in different clubs, like Arts, Drama and Debate clubs.


Also at the end of their trainings, all of them will have to present thier country presentation.


EFL Camp is held every year.


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