Olga Cobilas FLEX Alumna '09 has shared with us the wonderful experience she has had recently, attending Deloitte Student Academy.

June, 24 2016


Another great experience in my life, besides FLEX program and GV program, was DSA, Deloitte Student Academy. It is a program that   gives the opportunity to students to understand the reality of working in a multinational consultancy company. The follow up of the program is the possibility to get a great job as a consultant at Deloitte.

This program took place in Bucharest, Romania from February to April 2016. I was one of 29 students that were a part of this great experience. We learned a lot of new and interesting things about Deloitte, we met juniors, managers, directors of all of the department from Deloitte, we even had the opportunity to talk with partners and find out a lot about their careers, about Deloitte and even about their personal lives. We have learned about the consultancy job, and about working in a specific department, we solved different situations and problems. The top point of the program was the shadowing, we had two shadowing days: one was at Audit department another one at Tax. I have found a lot new important things for myself, things that I could never find if weren’t a part of  DSA. I have realized that I want to work a Deloitte, I love the atmosphere there, the lovely and smart people that are always ready to help, the job that is full of new information and busy schedule.

The best thing at DSA was the opportunity to get a job, but it is not “just the job” it is a career. When I was applying for the DSA I knew that I want to work there and be a part of a multinational consultancy company, and soon, beginning with September my dream will come true. Thank you Deloitte, for this opportunity.

Sometimes if you know what you really want you might get it, but you need to look up for your dream, you need to prepare, be ready and you will get it.

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