FLEX inspired me to …. Ana Indoitu, FLEX Alumna 2011

May, 23 2016

Within the frivolous age of a teenager, FLEX Program comes to define the best skills and knowledge of an individual, given the diverse cultural environment, the altruist American society and the fundamental challenge – the integrity lesson that one pursues through the program.

When referring to my FLEX experience, I call it the first crossroad of my life. It was a turning point for the upcoming years, features and personality treats that I was to pursue.

The FLEX program has determined me to:

Change attitude towards yourself, first – and after – towards the world. The fine lesson I received was that you get what you give, no matter if you are in school, family, or your community. Beginning with my own character, I learned to trust myself, no matter of the circumstances. And this is how I treat any other (with the presumption of trust), until the opposite is proven.

Aim high! You never know your true potential until you do not expose yourself to challenges and activities that may be completely new at the moment. Growth is indispensable!

Step out for a moment, when something you do does not work. See what you do, that causes you this (in)evolution, and change that. I have learned it from my English teacher, who has asked to perform a single act in every class, and that has made the difference. My struggle in the AP English class has become my overcoming challenge, thanks to one thing that I began to do different.

Define your values, because they are the core at everything you will ever be in this life. It is as simple as it gets, since having professionalism as a primary value, you will never afford to stay up late with friends, rather than prepare to perform at your best. This will be of great help in times of hard choices.

Be pragmatic! There are so many opinions and currents of thinking, that you can get drawn by them. Only, if you want to achieve all of the above, you have to keep your eye open and see the reality as it is. Only by setting the true diagnosis, one can be healed for real. That is exactly how it works in terms of your studies, your career and your family.

My FLEX experience is a fundamental part of who I am today. I always enjoy my return trips to the USA. There is always something new to learn. Only, there is more to do at home.

If I would be to portray myself in years, I know that all that there is to become, will always encounter a reflection of the homo exchangeus that I am: free and eager to live at the fullest.



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