“Civic Integrity-Youth Forum”

May, 24 2016


“Civic Integrity-Youth Forum” is meant to bring to the surface of the Moldovan society the norms and values of a true democratic state. Organized in 2 panels, both of them are very significant in terms of sharing information, networking, and finding out what is happening besides the usually known politics, justice, economics, and media from Moldova.

The first panel will allow youth to network with representatives of different diplomatic missions in Moldova, as well as with other personalities within the country, that are examples of civic integrity, that want change in our community and they fight for it. This will allow youth to get a sense of different perspectives, to find out norms and values different from their own, at last, to realize what integrity is abroad and what it is like in Moldova.

The second panel will be about taking off the masks from what we usually see in our country. The speakers that will come at this panel are remarkable personalities from politics, justice, economics and media, people that are examples of integrity and act upon their values. They will speak about their mask within the domain the work, as well as about their real self and how it is to be righteous and upright in Moldova.

The forum is completely innovative for Moldova and the non-formal environment and inspiring atmosphere will definitely be a revolution for our speakers, as well as for the youth from the audience.

The event is organised within FLEX Alumni Project Grants 2016 with the support of American Councils for International Education

Do Not Hesitate to attend ! Don't miss such an amassing opportunity !

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