“ FLEX inspired me to ….” Rodica Gavrilita FLEX Alumna 2010

May, 5 2016

The FLEX Alumni Community is one of a kind, with very diverse experiences. Sharing memories has always been among our favorite activities during reunions and formal events. It is not surprising that different generations connect easily. A specific kind of red line that allows us to feel part of it.

Here are a few things that FLEX inspired me to:

- Aim to become the best version of myself. I am working on it on a daily basis and I can’t say I will be satisfied enough anytime soon. Therefore, status: loading…


- Approve of my wildest dreams, and give them a chance. FLEX was one of them, back then, at the age of 16. Especially when you’re a teenager, you have the wish to erase it all, start fresh, and wonder how you would work in a totally new environment, where you have to make a new impression. At least I wondered how people who are not my parents or relatives, but already loved me for who I was, would value me and my abilities.


- Accept further challenges. Anything that came after emerged from some courage and ambition. I went for another exchange with Erasmus, taking over some challenging tasks at my workplace.


- Discover and love my country more. It is no great discovery that when you are far away from what you are used to, you start to feel, thus understand, that notion of patriotism that you discuss once a year in class. By introducing myself and my country I got the one and only chance to make a first impression, to position myself and my country as something special and unique, unknown and undiscovered to many areas of the globe. I challenged myself in explaining all kinds of traditions, tried in all possible ways to destroy the stereotypes about Europeans. However, my big surprise and even luck was that I could discuss several issues with my host family, since they had been to Moldova. I felt like I didn’t know everything about it when I got questions like: So, what was the name of that building in Chisinau with babies on it? Answer: poker face.


- Think about independence before life forced it on me with the harsh, slightly painful kick of paying bills and saving money for all kinds of survival needs. It was a very good trial of what life would be like without the sometimes (to be read at-all-times) exaggerated worry and care of my parents.

After, 2, 6 years, going back to my second family in the States was always a joy. They, their nephew, another exchange student, three cats and two dogs were the ones to replace my three loving, always worried for me, siblings at home.

Eventually events started to interconnect in my life from this starting point, and lead me to connect more to American Councils, by getting involved in different projects, applying to grants, participating in the international summer camp, etc. After 6 years, I find myself here, on board with a team that makes great projects happen!

Life is made of experiences. All of it is a connect-the-dots game, no numbers shown. It is about knowing that possibilities are limitless, and each of them will surely have an impact on the whole picture when you look back.



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