Operation P.E.A.C.E.: Practical and Entertaining Adventure for Conflict-resolution and English-teaching

November, 23 2015

During the period of 27th - 31st of October, 2015, American Councils in cooperation with Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy (www.megageneration.com) and Academia Nicolae Dumitrescu (www.and.md) organized the Innovation Camp on teaching English through conflict resolution games and simulations.

30 English teachers from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine came to Vadul lui Voda to learn about and explore the concept of gamification and game design and development to use in their English classes with focus on resolving conflict and building peaceful and mutually respectful relations. The sessions at the Camp included delivery of knowledge and practicing of skills in the development and testing of various types of games: outdoor games, board games, and on-line games.

The participants not only observed real examples of all these games, but also tested them in practice, thus experiencing their immersive environments and learning from this "hands on, minds on" experience. The final days of the agenda were dedicated to brainstorming ideas for games on teaching English through the topic of conflict resolution, building their first prototypes, presenting them, testing these prototypes, and finally choosing the ones with the greatest potential for further development.

Next comes the game design and development phase of the project. During the following 4 months the teams of participants will work on turn their game ideas into real playable games. To help them with that the on-line coaching sessions will be provided for each team. It is expected that the first Beta versions of games will be ready by the end of December 2015, while the final versions will be made and delivered to the participants by April 2016. After that all games created during the project will become available to all on an open-source basis.


Photo credit: Gabriela Isac, 2015.


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