“EcoMania” raizes awareness about ecological issues in Moldova

April, 11 2015






"EcoMania 2015" is a project that raises awareness about ecological issues in Moldova, inspire and engage citizens in solving their community environmental problems. We are a team of active citizens, FLEX Alumni Community and Creative Development Association, ready to make a change in people's ecological values and behavior towards the environment surrounding them. GOAL: Promote eco culture and behavior through youth engagement and community service at national and local level in the Republic of Moldova.


EcoMania comprised a set of five interlinked activities (EcoAware, EcoOrganized, EcoTrendy, EcoQuest and EcoExhibition) that took place on March 20 - May 7. EcoMania coordinator and staff, local coordinators, trainers and participants involved will work voluntarily and build this project into a yearly EcoMania brand.


1) EcoAwared

EcoMania informational and promotional campaign lasted throughout the entire project. EcoMania involved mass-media at the national and local level: radio, television, social media to voice out the environmental issues at national and local level in Moldova, increased awareness about the ecological problems that Moldovan people face, shared best Eco-practices from international and national experience, invited different stakeholders to discuss issues, yet to inspire and promote active citizens' role in solving community environmental issues.


2) EcoOrganized

EcoOrganized gathered 25 volunteers from 11 regions (counties) + Chisinau (regional coordinators+assistants and project staff) in the capital, to plan the project actions, receive training on how to build partnerships with the Local Public Administration and other local stakeholders, develop local EcoMania action plans. Local coordinators awere committed to take initiative, involve community members, schools and other partners into carrying out local EcoMania activities.


3) EcoQuest

EcoQuest was developed and organized in 11 different regions of Moldova and represents a series of cleaning and informational stations throughout the community all carried out in a creative fun healthy way. Each local teams composed of 1 coordinator, 1 assistant, and 20 volunteers (students, teachers, parents, local public administration, etc), developed and organized EcoQuest Days in their region, and involved even more community members. (Please find lots of pictures shared on EcoMania facebook page)


4) EcoTrendy

Say NO to plastic bags, say YES to bio creative bags. EcoTrendy activity consisted of 3 main workshops: Manufacturing EcoBags from tatters (old) clothes, Papergirl Moldova - decorating recycled materials, and sewing different fashioned goodies out of old clothes. EcoTrendy handmade workshops brought 30 participants to learn from 5 Fashion Design students how to be creatively ECO. All the gained knowledge and skills were multiplied by passing them onto others and making around 50 bags. This way we promoted alternative methods to plastic bags, prevention of pollution and cost saving. EcoBags and other goodies will be sold at the EcoExhibition as a fundraising activity for future Eco actions.


5) EcoExhibition

Participants took pictures of the polluted areas before implementing community EcoQuests (Cleaning-up) and after, in order to make the results visible, measure the indicators and impact of the cleaning up activities. At the end of the project, photos and all the work results of the implemented actions were exposed publicly in a EcoExhibition format, at the National Library "Hasdeu", located in the Capital of Moldova, Chisinau on May 7th.
We gave awards to all the active EcoMania participants and in the end we ate a huge EcoMania cake. It was amazing!

We had 10 FLEX alumni involved in implementing the project, where 5 of them are FLEX alumni city reps and at the same time local coordinators of EcoMania project.


We have a very active facebook page where all the pictures and activities are described and promoted: https://www.facebook.com/EcoManiaMD



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