The EFL Blogging School Project Conference gathers over 150 teachers and students from all regions of Moldova

February, 16 2015

On February 21st over 150 teachers and students from various regions of Moldova attended the EFL Blogging School Project Conference in Chisinau organized by a group of American Councils staff, Access Program trainers and FLEX volunteers. This innovative project was funded by a grant from the United States Department of State, and over the period of six months trained 25 Moldovan language teachers from all regions of the country to bring blogging as an effective teaching tool into their classrooms.

English language school teachers and university professors from around the country joined the project beneficiaries to learn about the art of blogging and its benefits to teaching a foreign language. Hosted by "B.P. Hașdeu" Municipal Library, the event was a wonderful opportunity for Moldovan educators and students to become acquainted with various online tools used in teaching English as a foreign language. Kate Bartlett, US Embassy Assistant Public Affairs Officer, opened the event with a welcome message for all Moldovan educators interested to bring innovation in their teaching practice and stated that US Embassy was very happy to be part of this wonderful initiative.

The first part of the event was moderated by project trainers and mentors. Olga Morozan, Access Program Coordinator, led the "EFL blogs as platforms for alternative assessment" session. Svetlana Lungu, "Mihai Eminescu" High School Teacher from Chisinau moderated the "Blogs as platforms for flipped instruction" session and Corina Ceban, English language teacher at "Vasile Alecsandri" High School from Balti, talked about "Digital posters for EFL instruction: Glogster and Thinglink".

A special moment was delivered by Access Microscholarship students from vulnerable families who put together their own script for a live performance aiming to share their view of the importance of technology into the classroom. A real teacher was replaced by a robot who was unable to connect emotionally to students, so at the end of the play, the students asked their teacher to come back.

The second part of the conference was broken down into three parallel workshops moderated by project participants, English language teachers from various regions of Moldova.

• Eduard Rudenco, Online teaching as part or as an alternative to traditional education
• Grusca Dumitru, Blogs as an alternative to traditional teacher portfolio
• Pusnei Irina, Web 2.0 tools for video-based student projects
• Viorica Gaidar, Online teaching tools for creating and editing technology-enhanced tasks
• Camenschi Ecaterina, Blogs and e-portfolios as platforms for summative and formative assessment
• Rața Natalia, Enhancing student speaking skills through Voicethread, Utellstory and Voki
• Borta Natalia, Enhancing students' vocabulary and creativity by using online web 2.0 tools
• Aculov Rodica, Creative ideas for using Padlet,Wordle and Tagxedo
• Cazacu Oxana, Online tools to develop students writing, speaking and reading skills
• Veronica Cazacu, Online platforms to develop student vocabulary
• Ludmila Raciula, Advantages of using Voicethread in developing student speaking skills
• Emma Matreniuc, Blended learning -- a new way in teaching a foreign language
• Victoria Mascaliuc, Online tools to facilitate the process of teaching grammar


A very special presentation was put together by two students from "Alexei Mateevic" High School from Causeni, who actively participated in the project as administrators of their class blogs: Rusu Calin from grade 10 and Gritcan Cristi from grade 11 demonstrated how they manage their class bogs and how they help their teacher move from paper homework to digitalized instruction. The students loved being part of the EFL Blogging School and insisted that blogging is easy and should be part of each Moldovan classroom!

US Embassy to Moldova will be financing another round of the EFL Blogging School Project next fall.


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