American Councils Moldova presented its programs at EDU Forum 2014

November, 30 2014

Students from high-schools and universities from Moldova had the posibility to find out more about educational opportunities attending the International Education Fair EDU Forum 2014.

This year the event was focused on two main directions:
- connecting various educational and personal development offers from the most relevant local and international educational institutions, youth organizations, volunteering projects, international camps, scholarship programs with diligent youngsters from Moldova, and
- organizing different interactive workshops and seminars on leadership, how to be an international student, how to apply for a scholarship, what are the expectations of an employers etc.

American Councils Moldova presented its Professional Fellows, FLEX and Access programs, and informed the participants about the English courses at ALC, as well as the preparation courses for IELTS, GRE and TOEFL exams.

Find here more pictures from the event.

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