My American Experience !!!!

August, 18 2014

Some people do not believe in miracles but I have proved to myself and to others that they do exist. I have never thought that I will be ever able to fly over the Atlantic Ocean and start a new life for a short period of time.

I have spent my year in Helena, Montana, and that is the place I fell in love with and I cannot take my mind of its beauty. My host family is those amazing people who took care of me and supported me, and I could not be any happier with the experience they offered to me. The school in USA, and especially in Helena, was simply a “blast” for me. I have never thought I will ever be glad that it is Monday, but I really loved the school and teachers there, their attitude, and the way they teach students. Also, school is the place where I have met most of my friends - people who made my year an exceptional one. Speaking about exceptional things - would you believe that I have ridden a plane 15 times on the US territory during my exchange year, and 18 times considering the international flights? I find this amazing for a girl who has never rode a plane before. But why so many? Well, thanks to my host family, I have traveled quite a lot and many things on my Checklist were done: I went to the National Park Yellowstone; Disneyland, Hollywood, Catalina Island; Denver, Colorado; Seattle, Washington; Washington DC; and to many beautiful places in Montana. But traveling was not the only thing I have done while in US - I did community service as well and I had so much fun with it! I have met many interesting people and learned a lot while helping others. Moreover, I was involved in some school activities: I did swimming, tennis, theatre, and other things that I would have probably never tried in my home country.

Lastly, this experience of being an exchange student accelerated the process of my personal development. I have learned to be more tolerant, open-minded, and also that “It is not better or worse - it is just different”.


Victoria Marola, FLEX alumna 2014

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