Re United!!.... Host Family Visits FLEX student in Moldova

July, 28 2014

This journey started long time ago. It started when I became a FLEX Finalist and went in USA for one academic year. I was and still am so lucky to have the best host-family ever.

Because them my experience in USA was AWESOME.

I have so many amazing moments what will last all my life. But my year in USA wasn’t going to last forever and I had to leave. But there was one thing what didn’t make departure from US so sad. I knew my host-family is going to visit me in one month and it made me happy. So finally the day came and they arrived in Moldova, ready to experience Moldovian culture and see new places. We had only 6 days together so we tried to have as much fun as possible. We went to different museums in Chisinau,  went up north to see monastery Saharna and Orheiul Vechi. Also, we visited Cricova seller. During all our trips we told them stories about different places and their history. We told them about Moldovian history when we visited all those places I mentioned above. They also  met my family and had a chance to talk with them and enjoy our good wine. Well, at least try to talk since my family doesn’t really know English. So I had to be a translator for couple of days which was really good because I missed speaking English all the time.

During some free time we played Sequence, which is a board game. This game brought all of us together and it was really funny playing it. Along with it, Jaime and Kiel learnt some Romanian and all of us made memories what will last all our lives. They came to visit Moldova and meet my family, but they became a part of our family themselves. Now we are a big mixed family. J. And like a traditional Moldavian family we tried to feed them up. My mom cooked some traditional every day and I think they enjoyed it a lot. Especially our placinta (pie), mamaliga(corn bread) and many more. I am really glad they came here to visit me because I had the chance to show them my culture and my country like they did while I was in USA. It was such an amazing visit and we had a lot of fun together.

It was,a perfect balance between seeing new places and meeting my family’’ like Kiel says.  Hope to have many more trips like that. There are still more places to visit and food to try. It’s not saying goodbye, it’s see you later...

Ilie Efros, FLEX Alumnus 2014

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