Wish Tree

November, 13 2013

On November 13, Maria Mocanu, FLEX ’13, organized an event at her school in which students from 6th grade decorated a “Wish Tree”. The whole activity lasted 1hour. 14 non-FLEX students participated. All of them brought bright yarn, ribbons and flowers and were excited to make the lonely tree look cheerful again. Participants were free to use their imagination because there were no restrictions or limitations. I think that at such an early age as theirs (12 years old) it is very important to consider each of the students’ ideas. At one point one of the participants said that they have way more wishes than there are ribbons on the tree, so they wrote down their wishes and we buried them near the tree. It was a fun activity for children on a Sunday morning. They laughed, they played and they didn’t want to leave when we were done. The next day the students showed their friends how beautiful the tree became and more people wrote down their wishes. There aren’t many events held in Cimislia on weekends especially for middle students and I think they enjoyed decorating the tree. I hope to organize more activities for this group of age.

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