Coca-Cola Bottling Factory Tour

November, 7 2013

On November 7, Ruxanda Barbă  ’08 organized a tour at the Coca-Cola Bottling Factory in Moldova. As Coca-Cola makes a great part of the American history and has supported the American people in their many ups and downs throughout the time, the tour aimed at educating the younger generation about the work and processes that stand behind Coca-Cola products. The 8 participants, out of which 6 were FLEX, walked around the plant for an hour and a half talking and asking questions about the bottling process and about the company. They saw how the bottles were blown into the shapes as we know them, the varieties of bottles, how these bottles are steamed and the finished soda with its secret formula is poured into these. The participants were taken to the storage were they were explained how the bottles are packed, stored and delivered. The Coca-Cola Bottling Factory tour enriched the participants’ knowledge on American brands and how they affected and were part of the American history.

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