Halloween FLEX parties

October, 23 2013

Halloween Class Decoration at ‘Mihai Eminescu’ Lyceum: On October 23, FLEX 13’Olga Gustiuc and 4 of her classmates decorated her classroom at the ‘Mihai Eminescu’ lyceum for Halloween, celebrating the American culture. The teachers were thrilled of this activity and some of them even helped with the decorating. There were a lot of questions asked about how Halloween is celebrated in the U.S., and there was held a discussion about these topics. All the students who had classes in that classroom had smiles on their faces and liked the decorations.

Halloween Party at ‘Speranta’ Center for Youth With Disabilities: On October 28, Catalina Cucu, FLEX ‘13 organized Halloween for children with disabilities at the centre “Speranta”. There was also one more FLEX Alumni ‘13, Olga Gustiuc that took part in this event. The FLEX Alumni made a “Halloween box”. Just a simple box, which the children decorated with a carved pumpkin, bats and candies. There were 5 children that participated, the event lasted from 4pm till 5 pm, and everybody had a great time. The purpose of the event was to share American culture by celebrating Halloween.

Halloween Classroom Decoration at ‘Natalia Dadiani’ lyceum: On October 29, Catalina Cucu, FLEX ‘13, along with 5 other volunteers from lyceum ‘Natalia Dadiani’, decorated the English class for Halloween. From 1 pm till 4 pm, they had drawn, cut and made pumpkins, bats, black cats and ghosts hanging from the ceiling. There were 2 purposes for decorating the classroom: first-to share American Halloween traditions and second-to promote volunteering amongst young people. This event got a lot of attention of the high scholars regarding Halloween and also volunteering.

Halloween Party at ‘Aghiuta’ Orphanage in Chisinau: On October 30, Ruxanda Barbă  ’08 organized a Halloween Party at ‘Aghiuta’ orphanage in Chisinau, which lasted 2 hours. The event involved 2 volunteers one- FLEX and one non-FLEX, and benefited 15 children. The children were able to carve pumpkins, cut out pumpkins and bats to decorate their personal spaces. The children were treated to refreshments and fruits. They were told about the meaning of Halloween celebrations and the traditions this holiday brings. Children shared quality time and learned about each other.

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