Clean-Up at the Elderly Home

October, 24 2013

On October 24, Maria Mocanu FLEX ‘13 organized a cleaning activity for a local nursing home. There were 25 volunteers, non-FLEXers, students from 8th to 12th grade. Press was also present. Some people cleaned the territory, some planted tulips and others dug in the garden. Everyone worked for almost two hours because there were many things that needed to be done. After the cleaning was done the students chatted with some of the people who are staying at the nursing home. The students brought flowers to brighten those people’s day and make them feel special. However what really touched them was the conversation we all had and it was a lot of fun for participants to listen to their funny stories. By doing this activity the young generation proved it cares about the senior citizens, is willing to help them and even more. Also there were created some new relationships between the participants that may grow into strong friendships.

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