LFP alumni reunion with special guest Benjamin Gaylord, American Councils Senior Program Manager from DC

December, 13 2013

December 10th, a group of LFP alumni from Moldova met Benjamin Gaylord, American Councils Senior Program Manager from DC to discuss their post program successes and upcoming outbound projects.


  • Natalia Vîlcu-Bajurean was promoted as Head of Division within the Ministry of Justice (January, 2013), and now is working as Head of Research and Analysis Division within the Secretariat of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova. This is a very important promotion, as the Constitutional Court is the unique authority of constitutional jurisdiction in the Republic of Moldova.
  • Alexandru Cladco is currently working on the report of his outbound project: November 1-17 he hosted Steven H. Levinson, retired Supreme Court of Hawaii Judge, member of the Board of American Civil Liberties Union, Hawaii, USA as part of his outbound project entitled ”Strengthening capacities of the General Prosecutor's Office and Moldovan courts in ensuring respect of human rights of the defendants during criminal proceedings, from the US and Hawaiian perspectives
  • Vladimir Palamarciuc has just passed his Bar Exam and is now a certified lawyer within the Moldovan Bar Association. In November 2013 he was appointed Counsel for the Ministry of Justice for the elaboration of the Survey on the Criteria of Accession to the Legal/Attorney Profession. The survey is important because it was designed to implement pct. 3.2.4 of the Action Plan for the implementation of the National Strategy for Reformation of Justice Sector 2011-2016
  • Victoria Căpătici is currently working as a Chief Expert within the Collaboration and External Relations department of the Republican Centre for Children and Youth ARTICO. The centre is oriented towards involving a larger number of young people in its activities, especially of those from the Transnistrian region of Moldova. Victoria is also cooperating with some CSOs implementing projects for youth. One of these projects, called "Say NO to discrimination" aims at facilitating the employment of young people with disabilities, through support and juridical consultancy for the beneficiaries and informative activities for the potential employers.


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