Post program impression from LFP alumna Natalia Vîlcu-Bajurean

November, 19 2013

As LFP/PFP Finalist, along with other two representatives from the Republic of Moldova I had a unique opportunity to visit the United States of America and to get in very close contact with people working in the field of justice. I was lucky enough to go to the State of Hawaii, that is very similar in territory and in number of population to Moldova. I had the chance to study the structure and functions of the governmental institutions, watch everyday life of ordinary employees, explore the huge cultural heritage of the nation. I saw that people in the US very often have the same problems as we do here, but I noticed the different approach for their overcoming. This is what I am sharing with my colleagues here, this is what I am promoting in my day-to-day activities.

Upon my return (November 2012) I was promoted as head of division within the Ministry of Justice (January, 2013), and now I am working as head of Research and Analysis Division within the Secretariat of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova. This is a very important promotion, as the Constitutional Court is the unique authority of constitutional jurisdiction in the Republic of Moldova.

I would also like to mention the great contribution of the American Councils in helping me to implement my outbound project upon my return home. Thus on May 5-19 2013 I had two persons from the State of Hawaii, namely Wilma Sur, attorney from both Hawaiian and Californian Bars, and Donna H.Kalama, deputy Attorney General of the State of Hawaii, visiting Moldova and exploring its beauties. (report on the visit is here: http://americancouncils.md/lfp/news/825). Again we found many similarities between our states, including some cultural issues that brought us even closer. In the same time I remarked how important it is for US citizens to understand de differences in our systems and their openness to give a hand to make things go better.

During the visit to Moldova we had a meeting with the representatives of the Council for Mediation of the Republic od Moldova and Donna was interested on how mediation is working here. She kindly offered us all information we were interested in about mediation in Hawaii. She even sent us the latest Act on mediation in Hawaii and granted her support in case of any questions on this subject.

Another aspect of a follow up collaboration is related to the support offered to the Young Lawyers Organization from Moldova. In this respect Wilma, who is also a lecturer at Hawaii Law School, offered her help in collecting law books for the Public Legal Library from the Republic of Moldova. Now the process of collecting books is going on, and upon that we will make an effort to bring them to Moldova and enrich the collection of legal books in English at the Public Law Library.

In this respect my experience in the US was unique, it helped me see the things here in Moldova from a different point of view, to appreciate the value of each person in the society and to promote the idea that each person is important in order to carry out both a major achievement for the country and a small personal performance. This perception encouraged me to apply for the job of an independent expert in the field of authorized (sworn) translators and interpreters and now I am a member of the team of experts writing a study on enhancing and developing legal professions in the Republic of Moldova. This is an action meant to implement the Strategy for Justice Sector Reform, one of the most important strategies in Moldova at the moment.

Sincerely, Natalia Vilcu-Bajurean,
LFP/PFP Fall 2012 alumna


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