October, 20 2013


Project name:


September, 20 – October, 7, 2013

Project Coordinator: Mariana Buruiană


As part of the 2013 Legislative Fellows Program I had the opportunity to be an intern in the Oregon Senate. My motivation to write the project was based on my experience of working in the State Senator's Office Floyd Prozanski. In that way I had the opportunity to observe the working process in a legislative office, to attend the meetings and see how issues are approached and how means and ways for problem solving are born. As well, I enjoyed American philosophy of changing things by reaching all stakeholders and partners. In that context, I thought that the elements of participation in the process of reform will represent a good practice for Moldova state representatives.
As well, I was excited about democratic behavior of legislators and how they are working on strengthening citizen understanding by applying collaborative process.

Kevin Moore and I by proposing the outbound project, were aiming to bring US good practices to the Republic of Moldova, to enhance capacities of developing legislative projects to professionals from local public administration and Parliament and to share the best practices and provide professionals from Moldova with new ideas to develop socio-economic projects.


The Outbound Project was entitled

The main goals of the Outbound Project were to:
Goal 1. Establish partnerships and build networking between the Government of the Republic of Moldova and State Senate of Oregon

Goal 2. Provide the representatives of Republic of Moldova with essential information about role of local governments in U.S. legislative model

Goal3. Promote best practice in the US and set up future common projects between US and Moldova

In order to reach the above mentioned goals, we focused on some specific objectives

Objective 1 Provide examples of intra-governmental interactions in U.S. model and how they may apply in Moldova

Objective 2 Compare the capacities of Moldovan professionals to those of their counterparts in U.S. model

Objective 3 Share Moldova- USA experiences on the impact of community participation in decision-making process strategies of communication b/w parliament and citizens, including transparency, public outreach, and public relations

Objective 4 Discuss role of private sector, NGOs in U.S. legislative model

Objective 5 Accustom US visitors with the system of state representation in Moldova by visiting Parliament, Ministries, State agencies, districts city councils

The ACTIVITIES organized for fulfilling the objectives were diverse: different level meetings, trainings, round tables, conference, visits in different institutions.

The detailed description of all activities will be shown further.



Basically, the professional part was organized at the Municipal Department of Health.

Insertion in the activity of Municipal Health Department.
Beginning with Monday, September 23, Kevin Moore met the Head and the staff of Municipal Health Department.


Kevin had a discussion with Mr. Mihai Moldovanu, Head of the Department and then was introduced to all the middle management chiefs of the Department. Mr. M. Moldovanu spoke about the structure of the Department, new reforms in the sector, the steps done for European Integration and other issues.

In the same day Kevin met some heads of hospitals and Family Health Care Centers.

Meeting with Joseph Troisi, Director of the United Nations Institute for Ageing in Malta. Health Department

It was a discussion about international collaboration for improving demographic discrepancies and population ageing in the region. All the participants express their views, opinions about the increase of demographic challenges and need for strengthening health systems in the world.

On September, 27 the Medical Board of the Health Department was held, in addition to the topics discussed, Kevin Moore did the presentation about Health Care in Oregon. An innovative American Model. The topic was included in the Agenda of the meeting.

The presentation was impressive and the participants had a lot of questions about Health Coverage, the Oregon Health Plan, coordinated care model, best practices to manage and coordinate care. In was an open session for questions and answers.

The meeting was attended by 50 persons, including heads of hospitals, heads of Medical Association, Family Heath Care Centers, representatives of private health sector, doctors.


In the second part of the day was organized two trainings.


Training: Campaign Insights. Barack Obama and State Politics

The trainings was about:

  • Legislative Engagement in Oregon
  • Who is a Lobbyist?
  • Registration & Accountability
  • Capitol Club
  • Engaging Legislators; Currying Favor
  • Role of the Caucus
  • Electoral practices
  • Technologies involved in electoral campaigns


It was a great presentation on electoral practices and civil society legislative engagement to a group of parliamentarians and young political professionals. These presentations yielded an assortment of questions and post-presentation conversations. In fact, the group was so engaged that we remained in the conference room well into the evening.



I was truly honored that Mihai Ghimpu, former president of Moldova and current parliamentarian as well as the president of the Liberal Party, attended and engaged with the audience and me.
Kevin Moore

At the training participated legislators from the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, local counsellors, advisors to the legislators, representatives from civil society, members of political party.

Visit to the Court of Appeals
Alexandru Gafton, judge and Kevin's host father, invited to his chambers at the national court of appeals. There, he familiarized us with his caseload and gave us a tour of a courtroom. Mr. Gafton also scheduled time for Kevin to meet a senior presiding judge, with whom we enjoyed a lengthy conversation that left us both enlightened on the functions and intricacies of our respective countries' judiciaries.


I was interested to learn that the American government provided funding for development of the Moldovan judicial system.

Kevin Moore

Visit to the Chișinău City Hall

We did a tour in City Hall building explaining to Kevin the structure and infrastructure. At the Mayoralty, Kevin was hosted by Mr.Iurie Cuculescu. Mr. Cuculescu served as an advisor to the mayor of Chișinău, Mr. Cuculescu informed Kevin of his role in city government and guided hom through the council chambers.


A week prior to traveling to Moldova, I had met with Portland's mayor at city hall. The contrast between Portland, where we have five city councilors including the mayor, and Chișinău, where there are over 40 councilors, was particularly profound.
Kevin Moore

Visit to the Liberal Party from Moldova and Meeting with Mihai Ghimpu, President of Liberal Party

During the second week, Kevin had a more lengthy interaction with President Ghimpu. Mr. Ghimpu hosted Kevin in his office for nearly 45 minutes, telling him of his life experience which served as a metaphor for Moldova's modern history, and explaining his political ideology and approach.


This was the highlight of my trip.

Kevin Moore

Participation at the Conference of Nurses Association from Chisinau

At the conference Kevin was introduced to the representatives of top management from municipal health system.

As well, Kevin met and discussed with Dorin Chirtoaca, the Mayor of Chisinau.
Visit to American Councils Moldova's Office

On October,4, Kevin visited American Councils Moldova's Office. There he met Mr. David Jeese, Country Director and Ms Daniela Munca-Aftenev, Open World / Professional Fellows Program Officer.
The hosts presented a general overview of AC's activities, American programs which are very demanded by Moldovans and as well we discussed about the American-Moldovan partnership and great contribution of American society to Moldovan society.


Visit to Orheiul Vechi and Curchi Monastery Complex

On September 21, Kevin joined by me and some friends visited
Orheiul Vechi and Curchi Monastery Complex.

Orheiul Vechi, also known as Old Orhei, arguably Moldova's most fantastic sight, is an cultural, historical and archaeological complex located about 60 km (35 miles) northeast of Chisinau, Moldova's capital and 10 km (6 miles) to the southeast of Orhei city. This valley, shaped by Raut River, is one of the top attractions in Moldova, with a pristine natural landscape featuring huge limestone outcroppings. There are several ancient monuments and buildings set in the valley, from various historical periods dating from the 10th century BC to the occupation of the Golden Horde in the 14th century AD. These ancient fortresses and early Christian monasteries are among the most unusual sights in all of Eastern Europe, and a museum at the site provides further information and exhibits.


My three weekends in Moldova were no less didactic. Twenty-four hours after arriving, I was excitedly gazing at panoramic vistas of Orhei Vechi on a picture-perfect day with Mariana, her husband and two friends. As if planned, the bells of the church chimed just as we approached; we were the only tourists in sight.

Kevin Moore

Tour to rural area. Visit to Mereseni village, Hincesti

The following day, we visited Mereseni village, Hincesti. I wanted to show Kevin how a real rural looks like in Moldova, because Moldova is considered to be a rural country.


I was in the village home of the parents of Mariana's husband, Mihai. Mr. and Mrs. Buruiana greeted me warmly; they showed me their farm and cellar. After a wonderful homemade meal and perusing Mrs. Buriana's keepsakes from her time as a legislator during the Soviet era, I was treated to a taste of the family wine, straight from the barrel. My time with Mihai's parents felt very genuine; that's the day I started to fall in love with Moldova.

Kevin Moore

Tour to Milestii Mici-the biggest wine cellar in the world and visit of Milestii Mici village, Ialoveni.

The second weekend we did an amazing tour in the Milestii Mici underground cellars.



During my second weekend, Mariana, Mihai, my host parents, a friend and I toured the amazing cellars of Milestii Mici. I couldn't help but be surprised when our guide informed us that the cellars, which we drove through, extended for 250 kilometers! After wine tasting, Mariana and Mihai hosted me at their home where I enjoyed another delicious homemade meal and a more modern perspective on village life.
Kevin Moore

The following day, Kevin, host parents and their friends ventured - seemingly with the rest of Chișinău - to Bostaniada, a pumpkin festival outside the city.


While not strictly traditional, this did present an opportunity for me to taste customary fare and more homemade wine and to pick up a few craft gifts.

Kevin Moore

National Wine Festival

Being in Moldova in October, Kevin had the unique opportunity to attend the National Wine Festival.

The Moldovan Wine Festival officially called the "National Wine Day" takes place in Chisinau on the first weekend in October, at the end of the grape-harvesting season. This year, at its12th edition, the festival will take place on October 5 to 6 and will be held again in the Great National Assembly Square.
The festival celebrates the rich Moldovan winemaking traditions dating back to the 15th century. During this noteworthy event, the Moldovan wineries proudly present their traditional wines, but also the rare ones, allowing guests to enjoy the fruit of their labour. The producers have the opportunity to observe the audience reactions and suggestions, while the visitors can choose from the diversity of presented wines, the ones they are pleased with, and make them part of the personal collections or the liquor they will serve on family holidays.


My trip climaxed at the third weekend during the two-day national wine festival. Reconnecting with those who had become dear to me in Moldova and enjoying a healthy dose of local wine under sunny skies, I truly felt at home as Chișinău celebrated the country's chief industry.
Kevin Moore

Kevin visited as well local universities, museum, theaters, parks and other beautiful places from Chisinau.

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