LFP alumna from Moldova shares her experience with students from National Institute of Justice

December, 27 2012

In order to share from her LFP experience, on December 19, LFP 2012 alumna Natalia Vilcu-Bajurean had a meeting with the students from the National Institute of Justice of Republic of Moldova. The meeting started with a general presentation on LFP, its selection process and the opportunities the program offers to its finalists. Then, Natalia talked about her fellowship at the Department of the Attorney General of the State of Hawaii: departments she was placed in, duties of attorneys within these departments and her daily responsibilities and duties. The Moldovan students from the National Institute of Justice were interested to learn about the US attorney general system and its role in the judiciary. Natalia shared her experience from her attending various trials in Honolulu Circuit Court, so the students could compare the court systems in US and Moldova. The meeting ended with a nice talk about life in US, its people, culture, traditions and challenges the country is facing at the moment.


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