LFP Alumni Lazari and Unciuc organise their outbound project

October, 4 2012

Intercultural exchange between Judicial Systems in the US and R of Moldova, focusing on the Prison System and the Probation Office

Starting with August 26 through September 9, 2012, two of the first LFP alumni generation from Moldova implemented their post program outbound project entitled "Intercultural exchange between Judicial Systems in the US and Republic of Moldova: Prison System and the Probation Office". LFP, the Legislative Fellows Program, extended to Moldova in 2011. Alexei Lazari and Unciuc Ion became the very first finalists of the program and travelled to US as part of their internship in April 2012. Upon their return home, alumni Lazari and Unciuc invited their American hosts: Elena Dragalin, president of "Moldova AID" Organisation, Jeff Nobel, Deputy Warden of London Correctional Institution and Jeffrey Hunsaker, Executive Director of "Horizont" NGO to spend two weeks in Moldova and learn about the judicial system of our country. The major goals of the project were to familiarize US visitors with the judicial system of the Republic of Moldova, identify opportunities for cooperation and exchange, promote the best practices in the US and initiate Moldovan colleagues into the US judicial system and as a result establish a bridge of cooperation between NC Department of Justice and Ministry of Justice of RM.


As part of the project LFP alumni and their American guests organized a seminar for Ministry of Justice employees to promote the best practices in the US, toured several prisons of Moldova for a better understanding of our Judicial System, brainstormed potential solutions and adjustments for the Judicial System in Moldova, developed new programs for Juvenile Justice; looked for possibilities for opening correctional enterprises in Moldova, share the role of NGO's in relations with correctional system in USA and saw the differences of the same approach in Republic of Moldova.

" We implemented this project because together with the US visitors we would like to share the American experience in the field of justice. Our national correctional system is mainly based on the soviet time system which is too old and is not viable for present days. The project was aimed to build a bridge between correctional systems in USA and Moldova. It was a pioneer cooperation and innovative exchange between the two systems" (Lazari Alexei, LFP 2012 alumnus)

" The project was important to us because it aimed to have a considerable impact on the penitentiary system in Moldova. It gave the US visitors the opportunity to familiarize with the judicial system from a post-soviet country and the struggles of transition to a democratic system. For the Moldovan prison system this project was a new impulse in the evolution of the correctional system, a new point of view on the system and a new approach of the same subject. Also, the US visitors had the opportunity to experience the national traditions, culture and life style of Moldova." (Unciuc Ion, LFP 2012 alumnus)





Our LFP project on the national television



Project Final Report

LFP Narrative Report Lazari Unciuc

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