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April, 17 2012

LFP delegate - Ion Unciuc, officer of Penitenciary nr.3-Leova, Ministry of Justice,

Placement - Columbus, Ohio

Internship goal - to learn about the American prison system and its interaction with local NGOs and community organizations in the implementation of educational and correctional programs


Last week Mr.Unciuc made several visits to three prisons in the Colombus, Ohio region: Marion Correctional Institute, Cilicote Correctional Institute and London Correctional Institute, where he learned about the working conditions of prisoners, as well as those of employees and the legislation regulating the rehabilitation system in the state of Ohio.


Mr Unciuc learned about several programs implemented in the institutions he visited by the Horizon Community Engagement Corporation, an NGO that works with prisons in Ohio: The Drawing Out Process, Trauma Recovery, Building Community, The Horizon NGO has worked in the field of correctional programs for 12 years, having achieved important results as a result of the collaboration with the Department of Correction.


On April 11, 2012 Mr. Unciuc attended a conference organised by the Director of Rehabilitation and Correction Department of Ohio, Gary Mohr, who outlined his vision for reforming the prison system.
At the end of the week Mr Unciuc attended the Marion County Law Enforcement Banquet, which was held at Marion Correctional Institute on the 13th of April 2012. The event honoured the best officers of 2011-2012 by the Marion Police Department, the Ohio State Highway Patrol and the penitentiary institutions located in the region.


Thuesday, 17 April 2012 - visiting the Marion Corectional Institute, for a better understanding of the basic activity in an American correctional institute.

Wensday 18 April 2012 - volunteering in a Free Store , a store that privides free clothing, furniture and food for poor people.

Thuersday, 19 April 2012 - invitation by Jeff Nobel, deputy warden of London Corectional Institute

12 April 2012 - witnessing the development of an educational program with inmates in the Cilicote Corectional Institute.


20 April 2012- a tour of the Cilicote Corectional Institute organized by Warden Norm Robinson for a group of 25 young legislators who work in different  state public institutions in Ohio.


Saturday, 21 April - training moderated by Christine Money, director of Department of Youth Services in 2004-20011,and M.T. Schwartz, bureau chief in the same department.The goal of this training was to train volunteers who wish to be involved re-socialization programs for American inmates.

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