Petru Turcan, Article #3: Austin Police Department (APD) is welcoming the partnership with Moldovan Police

December, 15 2017

week 3


Austin Police Department (APD) is welcoming the partnership with Moldovan Police

Another week and other opportunities for further deepening the existing collaboration between Moldova and the United States. Probably the most important week for me as fellow of the current PFP in the context of the next step of the program, namely outbound project and not only.

During the week 3 I had a meeting with APD chief Brian Manley and some of his assistant chiefs, where in addition to the view of the outbound project, we have discussed priorities of bilateral cooperation and possible common initiatives. In this context, I proposed to examine the possibility of signing of an Agreement or MoU between the General Police Inspectorate and APD which will include the exchange program for police staff of both countries, trainings of Moldovan police staff in different area of responsibilities, visits to the Republic of Moldova and to the capital of the State of Texas.

The idea was welcomed by Chief Manley, who mentioned that similar exchange they had previously with German Police that was a successful one for both sides due to its approach and complexity. At the same time, we agreed that we should ensure proper approval procedures on the federal level reason for why I sent this request to INL Director of Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Section of the U.S. Embassy in Moldova.

In the same context, my supervisor arranged a meeting in the City Council with the Assistant City Manager Rey Arellano who is also in charge for public safety departments and one of the author of Austin Community Policing Report. He agreed that idea of the future partnership between APD and GPI would be a great step in the enhancing of the bilateral cooperation in police affairs.

Through other scheduled meetings I should underline the visit to the Police Academy and Public Information Office. Both opened the possibilities for constructive talks, share of views and establishing of networks for joint future endeavors.

Also this week I met with the staff of Region 4 District Representative where I found one of the most passionate and devoted police officer which I ever seen (the statement of all who knows him:) – now he is my counterpart and supporter for the outbound project for 2018. I do believe that having such a teammate we’ll be able to develop a competitive project, and his contribution to Moldovan police will be outstanding. Who knows!?

Keep finger crossed.

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