Petru Turcan, Article #2: Texas - diversity and commitment

December, 12 2017

week 2

Texas - diversity and commitment

Second week in Austin is gone and after 2 weeks, so many memories and my feelings that I am here for a while longer. So good so far, I was friendly welcomed in all visited places and all persons that I’ve met were extremely open to share views and opinions, to give recommendations based on their own experiences and of course to put questions about Moldova, what is our state of play in policing, about our culture, people and life as such.

So, during the meeting with the representatives of the APD Regional Intelligence, it was done an overview of main tasks and responsibilities, inter agency cooperation and other related to the intelligence issues. This is the staff whom you will never see on the news, but by whom depends the content of the news.

Due to my interest for a deeper understanding of what law enforcement system is dealing with, I was “seconded” for 2 days in Cedar Park Police Department, half an hour away by car, beautiful and quiet town at first glance. My first day was focused on taking over the procedures of patrol and ensuring security in the city, as well as of visiting the jail in Georgetown of Williamson County. New place and new people - established new networks and knowledge.

At the end of the day, police officer with whom I spent the day said me that usually if one day is quiet, another one is not at all. He was right, the next day some shootings were in the city. Fortunately, nobody murdered. Not be surprised, but my second day in Cedar Park was dedicated to the talks with detectives investigating the case. It was important to be in the heart of real investigations and of course, there are things which I won’t mention in my story.

In the last day of the week I had the opportunity to visit the jail of the Travis County in Austin downtown, where policies and rules of jail were presented, and Austin Police Department Emergency Communications Division, who are dealing with 911 calls. Here I met again dedicated people who support and provide accurate services to the public safety needs of the citizens of Austin.

Of course I spent time with my lovely host family. In this sense, my host mother, being a pro-active person, invited me to attend an event that included documentary movie dedicated to the undocumented immigrants at the famous Alamo cinema. We also participated as volunteers on the health fair informing people about the matter of medical insurance and open enrollment, procedures and benefits.

Last but not least, we had fun taking dinners with my both host parents in one of the burger bar of Austin and texmex restaurant, very popular types of the restaurants in State of Texas and attended the Central Library Grand Opening.

Let’s see what will happen next, I’ll keep you informed!


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Petru Turcan, PFP Alumnus, Article #1: Austin – the city of high standards in law enforcement