Petru Turcan, Article #1: Austin – the city of high standards in law enforcement

December, 11 2017

Austin – the city of high standards in law enforcement

Coming from the Republic of Moldova I was placed in Austin Police Department (APD) Texas, department with one of the moto “Keeping you, your family and our community safe”. So far, nothing different from other police services around the world. Police which has to ensure safety within the city, rule of law, respect of human rights and many other obligations in its community.

Despite of this fact, the Office of Community Liaison of the APD, under which supervisory I am, brought in my program more than my involvement in police of Austin as such, but offered me during a week a broader view than I ever imagined: patrolling in Green Belt with Austin Park Rangers, attending of the board meeting of operation “Blue Santa”, meetings with the managers of Risk Management Unit, Forensic Services, APD headquarter, Internal Affairs, APD psychologist, staff of the Office of Community Liaison, APD finance administrator, patrolling with APD officer and riding along with officer in charge for homeless.

As if it were sufficient for a single week. Probably yes, but not for a fellow from the Ministry of Internal Affairs from Moldova. I attended at the City Council the LGBTQ Quality of Life Advisory Commission, where important and sensitive topics of LGBTQ community were discussed, and also at the so called “early bird” meeting in the world’s leading geopolitical intelligence platform Stratfor, where I had the opportunity to be with the best analysts and professionals approaching the open-source information from all over the world in order to produce objective analysis and forecast. I also met senior analyst for Eurasia and chief security officer, sharing my views about the current threats and challenges in Moldova and in the region.

I will explore further.

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