Highlights of Diana Grosu's PFP experience in US

May, 17 2016

The second week in the US began with a meeting with my supervisor, Mrs. Michaela Grenier. She explained the organization's mission, vision, and organization. On the same day, Mrs. Grenier and I toured the building and made acquaintance with all employees. Afterward came a meeting with the president of the organization Mr. Andrew J. Seligsohn, PhD, President Campus Compact, with whom I had a fruitful conversation about US systems and processes in the field of my expertise.


During this week I was impressed to see Americans protesting beside public authorities. A group of citizens protesting the marginalization of the hearing and speech impaired aimed to attract local authorities' attention to their problems. Their very colorful leader, before the group, was expressing their grievances using sign language. It was good to see people protesting in The US because, in our country, the hearing and speech impaired citizens are less involved in civic activities.


I had the honor of attending a meeting with Mr. Tom Robertson, Professor at Boston Public Library, during which we discussed public land in the US system. This meeting took place in a building of the library of rare beauty. The library was full of people of all ages. I visited the State House of Massachusetts this week as well. It is an exceedingly beautiful building with long hallways and impressive staircases. This building is open for visitors and easy for anyone to attend the various sessions of legislative powers in the state. There are no restrictions and you are welcome in most halls.

During the State House visit, a Fellow from Armenia, Seda Tarjumanyan introduced me to colleagues. But there was a big surprise on the office wall! There they hung a huge flag of my country of Moldova and some smaller flags. It was also here we reviewed former Moldovan fellow, Natalia Slepuhin's, work in the US. Ms. Slepuhin left such a great impression about our country, everyone asked after Natalia and if we know one another. Natalia was a wonderful ambassador for our country in the State House and everyone asked me to convey greetings.


There were successful meetings with Maggie Grove Maggie who answered my questions, gave me advice and many recommendations to have a more fruitful stay in Boston. On Friday evening, I was invited by my host mother's sister to a traditional Jewish Sabbath dinner. It was a great pleasure for me to observe Jewish traditions and meet such interesting people.


At the end of the week, we celebrated Mother's day together with the host family: a wonderful trip to the seashore. We were served the famous Boston Lobster. This is a kind of relative to the Moldovan lobster but very large and sweet. The lobster proved exceedingly delicious.

In US I work in a special team of people who are extremely friendly and very open to collaboration. I get to observe the style of work, how they organize, the way they plan their meetings and activities during the week. For me it's very important to notice all these things and compare it to what we do at home. There was a fantastic opportunity to attend the 11th Annual Academy at Roxbury Learning Community College. We attended a public lecture given by Mr. Dr. John Reiff, Director of Civic Learning and Engagement, Department of Higher Education Dr. Reiff has more than 35 years of experience in this field. I noticed the style and method of teaching, the professor interaction skills, etc.

Mr. Davron Morsagatov, American Councils, visited me. Mr. Davron's interest was the way I work: he asked about whether I have problems with cooperation and mutual understanding with my work colleagues. The same evening there was a meeting with all members of the program, host families and work colleagues in a nice Boston restaurant. At the event, we had the opportunity to talk about host families and host organizations to exchange our opinions, knowledge, to establish new joint sessions etc.

During the week, my lovely host mother and I had a very nice moment. I spent many hours walking outdoors with Molly, my host's dog. I visited places where we savored the tastiest ice cream in the Boston area. I will never forget all these wonderful days in USA.



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