David Lucero, Deputy Director of New Mexico State Legislative Finance Committee, visiting Moldova as part of PFP alumnus Valentin Croitoru outbound project

November, 23 2015

The heads of units responsible for Monitoring and Evaluation within Central Public Administration met at a round table organized by the State Chancellery, the topic for discussion being the Process of Monitoring and Evaluation of the Government's Action Plan for 2015-2016 and the reporting methodology.

During the event, the Monitoring and Evaluation Division of the State Chancellery presented the government monitoring platform (accessible at www.monitorizare.gov.md) which serves as the base tool in reporting on the Government's Action Plan 2016-2016, National Development Strategy "Moldova 2020" as well as other strategic documents of the Government.

The attendees discussed the issues related to the monitoring procedure and reporting on performance indicators, and subsequently shared visions and proposals to improve the reporting process on the aforementioned plan, as well as other strategic documents.

Pavel Burghelea, Advisor to the Secretary General of Government, mentioned that reporting is essential for government's accountability towards citizens and it is important that the civil servants, who are entrusted with public resources, fulfill their functions in accordance with the law, efficiently and equitably. In this regard, the experience of other states is extremely valuable and significant for our country.

David Lucero, Deputy Director of New Mexico State Legislative Finance Committee, made a presentation on the reporting methodologies and government accountability in the United States. David Lucero is paying an official visit to Republic of Moldova upon the invitation of Valentin Croitoru- graduate of the Professional Fellows Program of the USA concomitantly being the Head of Monitoring and Evaluation Division of the State Chancellery. The program is administered by American Councils for International Education in Republic of Moldova, with the support of the US State Department and is aimed to help gain practical experience in, and exposure to, United States government, and increase the awareness of the role civil society plays in the engagement of the political process and the creation of sustainable partnerships between local and American institutions to resolve common problems of legal order.

The project initiated by David Lucero and Valentin Croitoru is meant to Develop Better Program Evaluation Guidelines in the Republic of Moldova. The purpose of David Lucero's visit was to identify, in conjunction with the State Chancellery, the ministries' and current regulatory framework's needs to reiterate the concept of accountability for the use of public resources.

The concept of accountability for the use of public resources and governmental authority is vital for the governance process in the country. It is imperative for the government to provide reliable, useful and timely information to ensure accountability of government programs in this regard. Legislators, civil servants and citizens need to be aware if the government manages public resources and uses its authority adequately and complies with the current laws and regulations, if government programs achieve their objectives and desired outcomes, public services are delivered effectively and equitably, and if public administration is held liable for the misuse of public resources.

The Legislative Finance Committee provides the Legislature with objective fiscal and public policy analyses, recommendations and oversight of state agencies to improve performance and ensure accountability through the effective allocation of resources for the benefit of all taxpayers.

David Lucero's presentation can be accessed here.


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