Volunteering in Chicago - report from Victoria Ivancioglo, PFP fellow from Cahul

October, 28 2015

”During my fellowship in Chicago I met a lot of people sharing their experience as volunteers in different events or organization. Here in US, the people are motivated to be involved as volunteers. Volunteering here is considerate a great way to give back to the community and meet a variety of people from all walks of life. Being a volunteer you can see behind the scenes of events, get closer to the action and play a role in making the event possible.

Last week, I was involved in 2 amazing volunteering activities, being happy to can contribute with my time and experience. The first event was organized on Saturday by Chicago Cultural Mile, and together with other fellows participated as Parade Ambassadors. Our role was to ensure that on-street spectators are having a great time and assist in keeping everyone safe. This experience offered us the chance to see the Halloween parade up close and to enjoy the Halloween atmosphere together with thousands of spectators.
Another experience was volunteering for Chicago Public Library helping with a book donation offered by Molina Foundation. They donated 30.000 books to 40 Chicago Public schools this year. Based in California, The Molina Foundation is a national nonprofit dedicated to reducing disparities in access to education and healthcare.

I just really enjoyed the general vibe of the volunteering; it was great to hang out with a lot of people and to make lots of new friends.”


Victoria Ivancioglo

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