PFP alumna Natalia Iurash turns diplomats and electoral officials into choirmasters

May, 22 2015

PFP alumna Natalia Iuraș organized an unusual project. 25 diplomats and electoral officials became choirmasters for one night in order to promote equality between women and men. The event was organized on May 17 in collaboration with the Center for Continuous Training on Elections ( CICDA ) , Chisinau Youth Orchestra and Alex Calancea Band.


Natalia Iuras: The purpose of the event was to demonstrate how powerful education can be and show that leadership is not associated with only one gender”.


Dafina Gercheva, United Nations Rezident Coordonator: ”The message of this event is to demonstrate that each and everyone of us, man or woman, can serve as a choirmaster, a voting section or an entire community. The local elections is a new opportunity for us to encourage even more women to occupy leadership positions all around Moldova.


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