PFP fellow from Moldova - Olesea Doronceanu's impressions from Honolulu, USA

May, 8 2015


" On Tuesday, April, 28, we visited the American Councils office, were introduced to other PFP fellows and learned details about our placements in USA, the PFP outbound projects, communicating through social media, the terms and conditions of our PFP internship, living in a host family, filing tax forms, etc. We met

Leslie Ryan, PFP Program Manager, Linnea Allison, ECA PFP Division Program Officer, Leysan Dickenson, PFP Program Officer, Jaimie Holmes, PFP Consultant, Adolat Salikhova, PFP Program Officer,

Sam Potolicchio, University Professor, Politics, Public Policy and Research Methods, Washington Georgetown University. On Wednesday, April, 29, we met John Brown, University Professor at Georgetown University, consultant for the Open World Exchange Program and member of the Public Diplomacy Council.


On Thursday, April 30, I arrived in Honolulu, where I met Barbara Bencel, Executive Director of IHC International Hospitality Center and my host family - Sue Hansen. On Friday, May 1st, I participated in the orientation for the Professional Fellows internship,  city infrastructure, public transportation, fixed agenda and meetings, rules of conduct in the host family. I also met Steven H.Levinson, Human Rights Advocate and retired judge at Supreme Court of Justice."


Monday, May 4


  • Met Carole Peterson, Professor and Director of the Matsunaga Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (St.Andrew's), took a tour of the law school and had the chance to attend her final Human Rights law class. Carole spoke about refugees, torture, genocide, disability.
  • I presented Moldova, geographic landmarks and talked about my career in law, the main areas of interventions of Institute for Human Rights from Moldova, discussed about torture, strategic litigation and advocacy.
  • Met Aviam Soifer Dean Professor at the University of Hawai at Manoa and Karen R. Schneiderman the librarian at the University of Hawai at Manoa.
  • Met Lisa Taylor, ED of Seeds of Peace.
  • Met Dr. Maya Soetorogo-Ng, Director of Community Outreach and Service Learning at the Matsunaga Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution.
  • Attended a meeting at Catholic Charities Hawaii, met Jerry Rauckhorst, the President and Chief Executive Officer and his team. Discussed about proposed schedule of Peace Day Celebration.



Tuesday, May 5

  • Went to University of Hawai Manoa with my supervisor Maya Soetorgo and attended 2 classes. All the students had a final presentation about different views of how to understand conflict and find different solutions to solving or ending the conflict.
  • The students prepared power point presentations or showed videos from YouTube about police abuses against citizens, in particular against African Americans, war pictures from Afghanistan, animal rights, conflicts in the Balkan countries etc.
  • The second class was about leadership and how to become a leader. The students were supposed to define the way they think about themselves as leaders.



Wednesday May 6


  • Attended an informal meeting with the supervisor Maya Soetorogo and few of her students. During the meeting each student was able to report on community activities in which they were involved in.
  • Students told us about their social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, activities in schools for children, involvement in the support of disabled children at riding schools, organizing different sportevents with participation of famous sportsmen.
  • We learned about the meaning of the term Ohana.
  • Met Susan M. Chandler_ Director Public Policy Center, Professor Public Administration Program at University of Hawaii.


Thursday, May 7

  • Visited First Court of Hawaii with my host, Susan Hansen .
  • Attended a hearing  on harassment and attack, learned about how to submit statements in court and the skills/tactics of prosecutor and defense in questioning the witness.

Friday, May 8


  • Went with Susan M. Chandler at the Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility and discussed with Mark Patterson, Head of Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility HYCF.
  • Discussed about leadership skills and communication between staff, the ways of incorporating change in the HYCF, new programs and initiatives, training on staff, the goal of moving from punitive environment to the correctional one.
  • Discussed about HIV testing, who is tested, who knows the test result, and how they ensure respect of the right to privacy and the right to protection of personal data.


May 22

On May 22, my supervisor and other Ceeds of Peace staff will be traveling to an outer island of Hawaii for a one-day meeting with the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney. They have been asked to present Ceeds of Peace to their staff. I was asked to review/work out on their Ceeds of Peace Tool Kit (a list of many building tools that can be implemented in a variety of settings) and to use my attorney and knowledge skills to provide a more specific and tailored version of Tool KIT, that is relevant to attorneys and staff of the Country of Hawai'i Office of the Prosecuting Attorney.

Tuesday, May 12

Visited Medical-Legal Partnership for Children I Hawai'I, Kokua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services. Medical-Legal Partnership for Children I Hawai'I provides direct legal services to low-income clients through Legal Advocacy Clinics, they work on transforming legal and health practice through professional education and training and work together as doctors and lawyers to address systemic advocacy issues, including policy change, community empowerment and professional trainings.
I had the opportunity to meet, discuss and share common experience with:

  • Wiliam D. Hoshijo, Executive Director Hawai'I Civil Rights Commission.
  • Dina Shek, JD, Legal Director Medical-Legal Partnership for Children in Hawai'i
  • Randy Compton, JD, Law Fellow (Staff Attorney) Medical-Legal Partnership for Children in Hawai'i
  • U'I Goods, JD Law Fellow (Paralegal) Medical-Legal Partnership for Children in Hawai'i
  • Doris Segal Matsunaga, MPH, Maternal Chill Health Director, Kokua Kalihi Valley


Wednesday, May 13

Worked on the review of Tool Kit for prosecuting attorneys and staff.

Thursday, May 14

Meet Peter Whiticar, Chief, STD/AIDS Prevention Branch at Department of Health STD/AIDS Prevention Branch. During the meeting we discussed HIV Infection Surveillance Program in Hawai'i, total number of diagnosed HIV infection cases Hawai'i Reported according to gender, risk factor, race / ethnicity, age, county. We also discussed various strategies for voluntary testing (by routine test population), the way to provide/transmit information about the test result markers, people who have access to the personal data of the patient, mandatory HIV testing, anonymous testing, ensuring confidentiality of personal data, criminalization of HIV transmission, antiretroviral treatment for HIV-infected patients and mandatory medical insurance, prevention and spread of HIV prevention, PrEP.

Friday, May 15

Meeting Kim Coco Iwamoto, Hawaii Civil Rights Commissions. During the meeting we discussed anti-discrimination law in Hawaii, defending the rights of the LGBT community, LGBT community discrimination in accessing different services.


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